Sky the killer

By omnomnom - 05/02/2011 00:29 - Canada

Today, I bought a pretty blue parakeet to keep my parrot company, and named her Sky. I went to work a few hours later. When I came home that night, I found my parrot dead. There wasn't a huge mess to clean, though; Sky had already eaten half of his corpse. FML
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honestly...its two birds that didn't know each other, and you put them in a cage together? You didn't know if they would fight, love each other, etc. and your locking them in a cage together while you are at work for hours and hours.. They most likely fought to figure out who the "big dog" is, and it was a fight to the death...i am sorry your bird died but really, common since says dont do something like that til they aer accustomed to each other.

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blue parakeets are evil. mine clawed my green parakeet to death, then perched on its perch with a smug look in its eyes.


good your better off without that ugly thing

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it's not dead!! it's pining for the fjords!!

I hate my hair... and heeey parrots are cool! :(

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fjord - long, narrow inlet with steep sides or cliffs, created in a valley carved by glacial activity

To all you poor, deprived folks who are wondering what a fjord is and why the parrot is pining for it, do a YouTube search on "Monty Python dead parrot" and watch it 427 times. Beautiful plumage!

actually its FOP's life because those damn parrots are really expensive. Here, in NY, they can go for at least $1,200

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He's not pinin', he's passed on! This parrot is no more!

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lol you guys gotta watch Monty python

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Yes. that's why you never ever keep birds in the same cage. Never.

birds are nansty evil little things that can give you the clap!! OP pick a better pet

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blue parakeets are evil. mine clawed my green parakeet to death, then perched on its perch with a smug look in its eyes.

Parakeets are evil! I had one for two years and everytime I bought a companion for it, it wouldn't last a week. She would kill all of them! Luckily she ran away, Lol!

how the **** can a parakeet run away? xD don't you mean fly?

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think roadrunner from looney tunes xDS

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That's a roadrunner. They're made to run.

I thought that by putting 'lol' immediately afterwards it would hint that I was joking. It obviously flew away, it was just a pun.

I find it impossible to believe that several people who have an FML account, read this FML also have a parakeet and decided to place an other parakeet in the same cage resulting in one dieing and ALSO decided to post a comment about it on this FML whilst not feeling emotional at all.

You are a royal dumbass. Millions of people view FML daily, so there is a high probability that others may have been in the same situation.

#188 Your comment makes absolutely no sense.

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lol!!!!!! cannibalistic parakeet!! seriously though, kill the damn bird before it kills you.

Parakeets are relatives to parrots. :)

No it didn't. Parakeets aren't the same species ad parrots. -_-

wait...what?? parakeets and parrots aren't the same species? is your idol hitler by any chance?

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So, you're saying if a human eats another human and they aren't the same race it's not cannabilism?

129, humans are all the same species, no matter what race they are. Parakeets and birds are only in the same family, as are humans and chimpanzees. It would be more comparable to a human eating a chimpanzee.

134, you're the 1st one to make sense. the way everyone explained it had me unconvinced. I thought a bird is a bird, they both fly, so it's the same... but the monkey/ human example makes more sense, now. everyone else that explained it, it was still ambiguous.

#134 probably meant parakeets and parrots are different species of bird, just like humans and chimpanzees are different species of primate. It's not entirely correct, as parakeet refers to just a few species of the order parrot, but close enough.

Oh my I never knew parrots were into cannibulism

First off, it's "cannibalism". Second, it was a parrot and a parakeet. Not two parrots. Not two parakeets.

it was a bird. it's cannibalism. so by your logic, if I kill a black man and eat him, I'm not a cannibal. dumb ****. learn your facts.

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#79, All humans are the same species, there are many different species of birds. By your logic, if all birds are the same, then all mammals are the same. So, if you kill a cow and eat it, then you are a cannibal. Learn YOUR facts, dumb ****.

I'm comparing birds to birds. that's a specific animal. if humans eat any other humans, cows eat other cows, or a dog eats another dog, and it's called cannibalism, then a bird eating another bird is cannibalism. the specific type of bird shouldn't matter. it was a bird eating another bird.

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I think you missed my point. All birds are NOT the same as specific species of animal, like a cow. Is an eagle the same as a crow, or a turkey, or a pheasant? No, they are not the same. You can't say they are cannibal if they don't eat their same species, you can call them predatory.

so, because the birds aren't exactly the same, it's not cannibalistic? that, my good sir, is stupid on science's part. well, to be kind, you may be right, but I completely disagree with that. I believe this was cannibalism. and no matter how much science "fact" you have, I'll always think that(:

It's not stupid on science's part, it's idiotic on your unwillingness to recognize the definition of cannibalism and your failure to recognize that a 'bird' is not a species.

What's hilarious is that you're using a scientific term created to describe a specific behavior, reject it, and come up with your own ridiculous definition so you can remain willfully ignorant.

It's been a long time since biology so forgive me if I misspell some of my taxonomy. While I agree that this isn't really cannibalism, comparing a human eating a cow to a parrot eating a parakeet isn't really the best example. Parrots and Parakeets only share the class aves, the order psittaciformes, and the family psittacidae. Humans are in the family hominidae, so you'd have to pick another member of the family hominidae. A better comparison would be a human eating a gorilla.

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a hawk is a bird. and they eat small birds. it should not be considered cannibalism. end of story.

105 used words i don't understand, and therefore they are right.

121, You're dumb. What was there to not understand?

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Okay, can we have a sense of humor? We don't need the real definition on cannibalism. It's a bird eating another bird. It was a joke. You know like haha? Something you're supposed to laugh at. So, let's grow up, stop arguing over what cannibalism means, and take a joke. Holy shit. Get over yourselves. Yes, the cannibalism joke didn't perfectly go along with the definition of cannibalism, but obviously you people aren't perfect, either. Learn how to take a ******* joke.

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"Although budgerigars are often, especially in American English, called parakeets, this term refers to any of a number of small parrots with long, flat tails." So, technically, what most people call parakeets are, in fact, the same species as (some) parrots (because there is more than one species of parrot).

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If by "kind of" you mean "not at all". Then yeah, that's "kind of" like cannibalism.

Sorry love, but they are two different species; therefore it can't be called "cannibalism." But it's okay, I know what you were tryna' say. :)

45 & 63, a bird eating a bird is cannibalism. but, by your logic, I can go eat someone not white, and I wouldn't be a cannibal. stfu dumb asses.

You should have paid more attention in school. if you had you might know the difference between species and races. Don't insult people just because you don't understand the difference.

No 80, it would be more like you eating a cow, or any other mammal.

Actually, it's more like a human eating a gorilla or a chimpanzee, because they share a common family in taxomomy as do parrots and parakeets. I do agree that that still isn't cannibalism, however. :)

yo what if it kils u too. I say u get rid of it