By Jim - Canada - Winfield

Bigger than...

Today, I was looking for my passport and I found my wife's new vibrator (that she failed to tell me she'd purchased). I understand now why she doesn't want sex with me anymore. That thing is much bigger than I am. FML
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By  Amanda G Rich  |  23

so? its a toy not you.

  tounces7  |  27

Yeah, it's how you use it sure, but I seriously doubt he can make his dick vibrate on 15 different settings either while simultaneously providing clit stimulation.

By  thisisbutaname  |  38

Maybe you can talk about it and incorporate the new "guy" in your activities? It may turn out fun for both of you.

Also, a few others said she didn't have to tell him. You're right, but she didn't have to keep it a secret either. She didn't need his permission but it would have been nice to share.

By  Iamthebanzai22  |  18

She probably hid it from you because she didn't want to hurt your feelings.
I agree with the others, you two can explore this new thing together. In fact, it will be a bonding moment and you will be a real man in her eyes for not being threatened by a toy.
Remember that your cock is only one of many body parts that you have to use for her pleasure. You also have lips, fingers, a tongue, a brain (i.e. creativity) and ears (i.e. listen to what she wants). If the toy suggests that she is a size queen, maybe try fisting? As for a small cock, it is amazing how much pleasure a woman derives from just having the entrance of her vagina teased with a cock. You sure don't need 10" for that.
Also, read up all that you can about pleasuring a woman. To a woman, emotional intimacy is much sexier than a big cock.