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Today, while out jogging with my mom, we saw my boyfriend walking in our direction. When we reached him, he took one look at my makeup-less face, then made a huge show of screaming in disgust before calmly walking away. FML
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threer 30

Hopefully it was a joke. If not, he's just a shallow douchebag.


Someone on every relationship FML has to say that...

DrownedMyFish 18

4, sometimes the situation really does cal for it though.

friedpwnadge 25

Do the same thing to him next time in bed, leaving him to forever wonder about his penis.

Maybe she's to blame for wearing too much makeup and deceiving him. If a girl looks that different without makeup then she's wearing too much.

\ 28

How do you know her BF wasn't just joking with her?

the point of wearing make up is to look somewhat different. it accentuates certain points (I.e the eyes, lips etc) to make them look in a way that appeals to the wearer. putting on cover up or foundation makes your skin look more even, remove even that simple thing and it can be a big difference on some people. It doesn't mean she's trying to deceive him or such nonsense.

4, I know! When she's dating such a clearly mature, respectful young man... Why would someone say that?? Some people just have their priorities scattered I guess...

28 - Anyone who wears any amount of make up is pretending to be something they are not; you are covering up parts of your face and highlighting others, people can look completely different with make up on, it is the mind set. You can even try to argue if you like that people wear make up not for other people but for themselves if so; would people who usually wear make up out, wear make up if they knew they would not be seen by anyone for a week? No, they wouldn't.

GoodLookingGeese 10

I agree it's not the boyfriends fault the OP is ugly, and if she's not happy with how he reacts she did choose this dumb head to be her boyfriend. So either way I don't see a reason to brag on FML about her shi*ty life.

Looks like someone doesn't know how to take a joke

Well he did calmly walk away, not scream and run in terror so that is a good sign, right? I think OP's boyfriend was just teasing her, nothing to break up over unless he causes a scene about it later.

52 - You do realize that FML is a site that's SUPPOSED to be filled with stories about people's, 'shitty lives', right?

MischievousV 8

How is it deceiving to wear makeup? Also what constitutes as too much? Some people put on a lot of concealer to hide acne/scars some put on a ton of foundation to even out their skin tone. Its not lying to wear makeup. You get self confidence boosts by wearing makeup and feeling beautiful. I'm assuming you are a guy. Would you be confident walking out in public without brushed hair, orderly clothes, deodorant, or cologne? It gives us confidence to look pretty for ourselves not to 'lie' to men.

And how about those dick pics they take? You know the ones where they have different lighting and angles to make it look bigger? GTFO with that makeup is lying bullshit 😂

kaaaatiiee 12

I hope he's now your ex, you can do better than that!

So glad comments 1 and 2 put forth the always popular and shallow answers that many turn to immediately.

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Well that's really not so funny... Just shrug it off, OP.

threer 30

Hopefully it was a joke. If not, he's just a shallow douchebag.

I hope it's a joke, too. It's not a very nice joke though.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

Not really funny either. I know some jokes are more about shock value, but this, if it is a joke, is ******* stupid. If he said something more along the lines like "Oh My God! What happened to your face!?", then it may have been funny. But screaming and just walking away? That's not funny at all, shame on you OP's boyfriend, shame on you.

And my your bf is like a ******* model, right? If not then he does not have right to talk!

phillybob 4

If he loves you for your looks, break up with him

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If she doesn't let him see her actual looks how is he supposed to love them? It's something she's keeping from him. How is he meant to love it?

If she doesn't let him see her actual looks how is he supposed to love them? It's something she's keeping from him. How is he meant to love it?

TheDrifter 23

Good play, don't let the mom know he's familiar with her daughter's morning face. At least I hope that's what he was going for.

BeautifulChaos27 37

Pay back time. Get him to undress for you and react like that to the sight of his junk.

Icemist 6

I like the idea. though asking is that all of it? laughing getting in your car and driving away is slightly beter

1PersonIsMyWorld 22

Has he NEVER seen your make-up less face before that? How long have you guys been together?

This. If you wear so much make-up that your boyfriend makes a huge show of seeing you without it, that's a sign of you just putting on too much make-up all the time. No guy is going to scream in public because his girlfriend isn't wearing mascara and subtle eyeshadow.

Lili_love 14

I dated a guy for 3 years and he never once saw me without a full face. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

He never once saw you without a full face? Full face of what? Make up? It doesn't matter to me what you do to your face, how much make up you use. But if you have been with your boyfriend for 3 years, how in the world has he never seen you without a full face "of make up", if that's what you meant. So what if one day he sees you without that full face, and he says Babe, Hun or whatever you call eachother, "You look better with make-up". Would you not be offended? Make up is an art, your face is the canvas, yes I understand that. But you don't always have to have it on.

Lili_love 14

I'm good at hiding it (even when I sleep over) And if he ever did see me without it I would probably break up with him. I'm a makeup artist so yes makeup is art and fun for me to put on others but on myself its the only way I can look decent really