By Carebeareatu - United States - North Richland Hills
Today, my sister came out of her room sobbing uncontrollably. When I asked what was wrong, she put her fingers in my face and asked if they smelled like pickles, and if "that's normal for girls". They did. It's not. FML
Carebeareatu tells us more :
op here. I don't know why they did. I dont want to know why they did.
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I just vomited because of that.


76- you probably have never been down on a girl have you? A healthy vagina doesn't smell or has a faint yogurt scent. If it smells badly she has a yeast or bacterial infection and if its the latter (which FYI is wht gives a fishy smell) she needs to see a doctor.

By  Queensland  |  27

On the bright side OP's sister, find a guy that eats healthy...
Or yunno, the other type of person that eats the pickles in their maccas burger. Both will dig.

  caden_bro  |  9

If you mean it's gross because of where her fingers have been, bodily exploration is a common thing as people grow up. The pickles may be a bit /strange/, but it's nothing horrible.

  mFUNdo21  |  17

am I the only one here who thinks maybe she's not sticking food up her love-box but they smell like pickles because she eats a lot of pickled stuff with her hands...

  senseoffender  |  2

I think the fact is she asked if it was normal for girls which means the smell would natural if she just ate a bunch of pickles I don't think she would be confused about the smell...