By Carebeareatu - 14/09/2013 05:42 - United States - North Richland Hills

Today, my sister came out of her room sobbing uncontrollably. When I asked what was wrong, she put her fingers in my face and asked if they smelled like pickles, and if "that's normal for girls". They did. It's not. FML
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op here. I don't know why they did. I dont want to know why they did.

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jw90 18


jw90 18

No, but she does rub pickle juice all over her fingers. The silly girl!

I hope this is the reason. I would really prefer it.

I agree #30. Otherwise I'm not sure I want to know why her fingers smell like pickles.

Maybe she has cucumbers and a degree. She tries to turn cucumbers into pickles with her 'Hands of God'

I love the smell of pickles! But this kinda changes my mind...

martin8337 35

Eating those pickles after she. "used" them would be kinkier. than sniffing her underwear. Giggity.

True. When I was linger i would eat entire dill pickles. Then, after going outside later that day, my sweat would smell like pickles. My parents hated it :)

I don't know... but she sounds like she's in a real pickle either way.

jw90 18
lolita88_fml 27

I'm thinking she put a pickle in her woo-ha...

Brings a new meaning to pickled eggs...

"Woo-hoo"? That's one of the greatest things ever. I shall start referring to my naughty bits a my woo-hoo.

because a girl's naughty bits bring great joy to others? ;P

senseoffender 2

#47What's not gross about that if her ****** smells like pickles??? Last thing I wanna smell I. That area other then fish is pickles...I'm srry but ewww

MerrikBarbarian 9

76- you probably have never been down on a girl have you? A healthy ****** doesn't smell or has a faint yogurt scent. If it smells badly she has a yeast or bacterial infection and if its the latter (which FYI is wht gives a fishy smell) she needs to see a doctor.

Personally, I think the grossest part, if she did put her fingers in her woo hoo, is the fact she asked her brother. And he smelled them.

That was my first question. OP do you really wanna know where she put those hands???

@88, I meant brother. Op's sister asked Op to smell her fingers.

My thoughts exactly... But pickles? Hahahaha

7and7is 20

Ok. Cucumber. Brine. ******. Write your own Family Guy rip off jokes.

Merrqe 11

There is no way this is not fake, if this is actually true I'll eat my own testicles.

Merrqe 11

Wrong fml Jesus Christ, I guess I have to eat my balls now.

lolita88_fml 27

On the bright side OP's sister, find a guy that eats healthy... Or yunno, the other type of person that eats the pickles in their maccas burger. Both will dig.

I'm not quite sure if my stomach could handle that.

Perhaps she can't handle the cucumber just yet.

KareBear7364 5

That's disgusting. It seems like you're more upset about how it does smell like pickles then her sticking her tainted fingers in your face.

i know, i think i would be scarred for life if my sister did that :/ pickle-smelling or not, its completely gross!

If you mean it's gross because of where her fingers have been, bodily exploration is a common thing as people grow up. The pickles may be a bit /strange/, but it's nothing horrible.

no, it is gross that she made her sister smell her fingers 'pickle-smelling or not'. That is definitely not a 'common' thing to do.

I don't know how to feel about this. Go acquire her some Vagisil and schedule a doctors appointment.

am I the only one here who thinks maybe she's not sticking food up her love-box but they smell like pickles because she eats a lot of pickled stuff with her hands...

senseoffender 2

I think the fact is she asked if it was normal for girls which means the smell would natural if she just ate a bunch of pickles I don't think she would be confused about the smell...

I'm sorry but what I've done and heard freaky things but this is just gross and then asking you to smell her fingers ew.