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Today, I went to spend my last $50 on gas, since I get paid in 5 days. I paid for the gas and stepped into the restroom briefly. I came out, only to discover that the attendant had put the gas on the wrong pump, and someone had used it for themselves. My tank is empty. FML
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This situation got a lot more difficult before it got better. For starters, in hindsight I know I should've started pumping my gas first before going to the bathroom but I've done this plenty of times before and never had this problem (and I really had to go lol). As a side note, I live in Colorado and I have never seen a full service gas station anywhere in my state. And for the couple people calling me stupid about my "lack of a budget", I bought my dad a nice Father's Day gift and so after paying all my bills I was left with basically nothing. The attendant refused to admit that he had put it on the wrong pump so I called the company (Shell for those wondering) and they had the store GM come out to avoid getting the police involved. It took him an hour to show up and the attendant was being an ass the whole time. Cameras showed the GM that the attendant made the mistake (even though he was still trying to deny it). Finally after about 2 hours the GM filled my tank up and gave me a gas card for the 50 as an apology. And he ended up firing the attendant for his lack of professionalism. Sorry for the long reply everyone but thanks for the good wishes and taking the time to share your input! Definitely going to pump my gas first next time.

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They must be able to give you a refund? Otherwise, complain to the manager, which will make the attendant post a FML!

Why didn't you pump your gas before using the restroom? Even if they put it on the right pump, someone could have walked up and taken the gas.


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Oh damn. I hope you got everything figured out!

Well, you can't blame someone for innocently riding up to a station that was empty and finding 50 bucks of gas unused. They probably waited a bit for someone to come and claim it, but nothing happened, so why not use it?

I had thought that with preapproved pumps, you only get charged for what you use up to that amount. So if that were the case, that guy just stole $50 from OP. He should have told the attendant instead of using it.

Wait so in America you pay first? I roll up fill my tank then pay seems to work well.

People in America are assholes and would steal gas if they didn't pay first

@#63 - Why is it whenever something goes wrong in the world it's always a male who got it wrong? Females are to blame just as much as males.

My friend got their new DS stolen today, she had it for less than an hour, i dont want to live in America anymore....

They must be able to give you a refund? Otherwise, complain to the manager, which will make the attendant post a FML!

I feel the second comment on FMLs anymore is almost always twice as creative as the first.

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problably because they had more time

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If they don't give you the refund, sue them, I know many people sue these days. But since you can't afford the court fees and lawyer, what about threatening to sue them if they don't fix their mistake? Just don't get sued for slander, just in case.

If you don't get a refund you might be begging at the gas station for money for a while.

Why didn't you pump your gas before using the restroom? Even if they put it on the right pump, someone could have walked up and taken the gas.

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It was a full serve gas station, OP wouldn't pump the gas either way.

I highly doubt it was a full-serve station. the attendant is usually at the pump and begins pumping as soon as you pay. it was a prepay station... go in, pay, go back out and pump.

or lets say she was on pump 1 and she paid for $50 on pump 1. Then the person at the register put it on pump 4 instead of 1. But either way op got screwed over.

A prepaid pump? That's just silly. How would you know how much gas you're going to need ahead of time?

Give the attendant the money, maybe a little extra than you think you need, pump the gas, and if you don't use the full amount, go back in for change.

there's prepaid gas stations in a lot of places.... you get used to how much gas you need to put in.

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There are a couple states that require the attendant to pump for you, I personally don't get it but it gives more jobs to youngins

Not to mention lower gas prices. You can't pump your own gas in New Jersey but it's a lot cheaper than PA and DE where you have to. Since they have to hire employees to pump the gas, they get a discount making up the difference resulting in lower gas prices.

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I see what you did there. Well played my friend.

You should probably explain what happened. They will probably refill it,if they are not dicks.

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Some of the guys who own these gas stations are in fact, dicks.

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No wonder he works at a gas station. You're fully entitled to a refill/refund, if not, raise hell.

Was just gonna say, I'd sti get my gas... Same happened to me,

I work at a gas station. All of my coworkers either have college degrees (management) or are in school to get one (peers). It offends me when people assume gas station employees are idiots. Anyways, at my gas station, we always just reset their pump if something like this happens, then file some paperwork about the stolen gas. Of course, my company is large enough to absorb mistakes like this. Hopefully the gas station you stopped at was a corporation location, rather than a franchise.

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I use to work at a gas station and pretty much it went as if the customer told us the wrong pump and the gas was pumped by someone else then there's nothing we can do. If we put the gas on the wrong pump and it was taken then we instantly give the gas to the customer and the gas amount was taken from our paycheck.

No wonder he works at a gas station? Where do you go for your gas?

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Just be happy you're getting gas now before it's price rises again.

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Looks like you may need to pay attention, because OP isn't even getting gas NOW!

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They haven't gone up yet? I'm paying 1 freaking 40 a liter goddamnit

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Here in Texas is actually cheaper then most of the states in The United States, we pay, around me South East Texas, about $3.40 per gallon.

No disrespect, #58, but a part of me looks at my $4/gallon and hates you just a little bit.

I paid $3.29/gal yesterday. Which is about the norm here, give or take a few dimes. In the winter we actually fell below $3 for about a month!

$3.40 a gallon? I recall discussing gas prices in the UK 15 years ago, and it wasn't that cheap even then.

it's nice to know it costs twice as much to fill up in the uk.

About 1.30 a liter here east of Toronto.

EVERYTHING in the UK is 2x the amount it would cost here, trips there are extremely expencive

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@60 where are you paying $4 a gallon? California or Hawaii?

#85, I live in Washington state and gas is around $4.15 a gallon. It is not just in heavily populated places.

Here in Australia we pay between $1.60-$2.00 a litre :/

3.55 a gallon cheapest I've seen out my way

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Hope you got the gas in the end OP

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You should be allowed a refund. If not, at least you only have to wait 5 days to get paid.

The point is they don't have gas to get to work.

5 days is a fairly long time to wait to get paid, especially when you're broke and there's something you need to buy. Although I am wondering why OP would spend their whole $50 on gas, what if they need some money in the next 5 days?

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It i quite possible OP knew that they had a fridge full of food and all of their bills paid off so they had nothing else important to spend it on.

Thank you 139. That is exactly what happened. I had just stocked my fridge and paid my bills so all I needed was gas.

i would not leave until i got my 50 in gas