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By  LyricaSilvan  |  29

I have a friend who didn't know that yellow, flowering dandelions and their white, puffy seeding forms were the same plant until she was in high school. We were discussing making wishes on dandelions and somehow the fact that the yellow ones were also dandelions came up, and I found out she'd never known the two were the same plant. Blew my mind.

By  mhvo4  |  2

Je ziet het wel vaker met Nederlanders die een woord niet goed verstaan en er een ander woord van maken. Zoals bijvoorbeeld met Mama appelsap ?

By  KuranNayuki  |  4

Actually, they probably thought it was "Banzai" which is a common Japanese exclamation of celebration. So if you hit a bulls eye, you yell "banzai". It's been spread all over the world the past few decades. I think you were actually a little presumptuous, sorry dude.