By ApparentlyBadDriver - South Africa - Johannesburg
Today, I got into a fight with my parents when they called me a bad driver. Imagine their smugness when I had to call them two hours later and tell them that I drove into a pole. FML
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  AddictGamer  |  16

Just because someone is a parent doesn't automatically justify them as a good and logical-determined person. There are plenty of molesters, psychos, and murderers that have children. Doesn't change them as a person.

  Tthug  |  34

He never said that all parents are decent folks. They've just had more life experience. Especially more driving experience.

Obviously there are exceptions. But good to listen to your parents even if you choose not to agree with them. Because they've probably been through something similar. It's just the way people are.

By  Tournesol143  |  28

I hope you're not injured OP - and no one else is either.

I also hope that the fact you've written this down means you realise a lesson is here to be learned and it wasn't too costly. This time.