By Anonymous - 14/09/2011 09:55 - United States

Today, I paid a repairman $65 to come to my house to fix my washer. He walked in, looked at the washer, bent over and removed a large steel bolt with a bright red tag sticking out the side that said, "Remove before use." He then looked at me and said, "All fixed." FML
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Well spent 65$

I bet when you got a computer you called tech support because it wasn't turning on...because you didn't plug it in.


Well spent 65$

More like what a waste of $65.. Ydi op...

"Here I am sitting in my Aqua-Jet 3000 eating my usual breakfast of steak, waffles, and scotch." Anyways, back to the FML. OP, observation is a good thing to have. At least you gave him a good story to tell.

Repair man service: $65 Common sense: Priceless

22- Cool story, bro. Tell it again.

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21- REALLY?!

Yes really.. Now stfu..

Personally, i think it would have been funnier if the repairman couldnt find that either.

That's why you always read the instructions

Must have been an IKEA washer :P

nah all washers have that. It's a transportation saftey thing

Yea the repair man shoukd still be paid it's not the repair mans fault you're retarded and had an easy fix.

ever hear of an instruction book? oh yeah FIRST.

I bet when you got a computer you called tech support because it wasn't turning on...because you didn't plug it in.

The response would be; "Have you tried resetting it?"

hahaha jokes on him. he had to pay taxes and for the phone bill

Haha my thoughts exactly. Being slightly observant = win

Ha ur a dumbass(x

I don't even think I've done something that silly, congratulations are in order!

Your cute

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ydi for having a washer

...anddd what do you use? Your neighbor's kiddie pool? 0_o

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Look on the internet first. Then call if you can find it.

You should give him a dollar and say "All paid."

The standard charge for a repair man to come to someone's house is 65$ Good luck giving him 1$ smart ass

Honestly if I was a repairman I would not charge someone full price because they're oblivious enough not to take the very obvious bolt out. OP should not have paid full price for that; the guy that charged her just doesn't care I guess.