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Time for a parent-teacher conference.

Time for some exercise and diet plans.


Time for a parent-teacher conference.

The second I read "me class", I read the rest of the FML how a pirate would say it.

*#42, not #2

Time for some exercise and diet plans.

are we just gonna ignore the fact that the teacher speaks like Mr Krabs?

lol I like #s 1 and 2! BUT, at least the kid was respectful enough to still call you 'Miss'!

so this is respectful "fuck you miss"

yes. because there is a "miss" after it.

That is what you deserve for making fun of the big fat caterpillar. karma's a bitch huh

I had a kid tell me my face was ugly because I had all these red dots on my face (as in zits). When I told him that it wasn't very nice he said "Well, they definitely aren't freckles! They're gross" Five year olds are just mean sometimes.


Lose some weight then. Kids tell it like it is.

To this day, I love that book. It just means you're going to become a butterfly. :)

I love how kids are so honest. If you ever need the truth just ask a young kid.

Kids can be so cruel.