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By  rickAUS  |  22

Had to read it twice just to be sure..
1. DRYER broke, then got fixed
2. WASHING MACHINE broke, fix pending

So two separate things? Or is this some all in one unit? Either way, sucks to be you.

But all things considered, if they are individual units, probably would've been more financially savvy to get a new unit. Especially with those repair costs.

  rickAUS  |  22

Clearly reading, or at least reading comprehension, is that hard for you also.

The way I first read it it seemed like they have a washer/dryer combo where the dryer capability wasn't working, they got that fixed and then the washer capability died in the butt; purely due to the insane repair costs cited.

You can get a new unit for that unless $400 is actually cheap by comparison, which I really only see for washer/dryer combos.

So.... stamp for effort?

By  Paul B. Gyurcsanszky  |  14

I’d say that the repair guy didn’t fix it correctly. He should come back and fix it.

By  OriginalAsteria  |  0

OP here. The washer turned out to be a much less expensive repair, and both are now working better than they ever have before. It would have been $1000+ to replace the dryer, I looked into that before doing anything else.