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I'm pretty sure that's a red flag

Which character, and have you dumped his pedo ass, yet?


Which character, and have you dumped his pedo ass, yet?

I'm pretty sure that's a red flag

you should probably check his phone and other devices to make sure he doesn't have any child porn

y u no cisplay as a poli then?

y u no cosplay as a loli then?

Well it’s better to fuck someone cosplaying as a little girl and not an actual little girl

Well, yes, in the same way being shot once is better than being shot twice.

Name checks out.

Hejira Exactly

She never said it was a loli, just that the character was underage. Orohime is underage but it doesn’t ever cross your mind because it’s an animated tv show and she’s not real.

Is his favorite character from Boco No Pico by any chance?

Why are you calling his boyfriend "pedo"? It's a waifu from a fucking anime, IT'S NOT FUCKING REAL, this is the same as blaming videogames for serial killing and mass school shooting. You damn ignorants.

Agreed! Someone who roleplays a kidnapping scene or a vampire thing, doesn't want to be actually kidnapped or attacked by a vampire in real life. Fantasies are not the same as reality. I suppose pedos are likely to ask their livers to roleplay as underage, I dunno... but that certainly doesn't mean all underage roleplay is a sign of pedophilia. I bet someone out there has bought a sexy Nemo or sexy Dora the Explorer costume for Halloween. Is every guy who drools over those ladies a pedo too (and a bestialist in the Nemo case!)? Heck no, because IT ISN'T REAL. It's still a grown ass woman underneath.

*lovers not livers ha ha!

He was upset and he thought she would understand. If it wasn't the fact it was the character/ they are underage why wouldn't he pick another one? Loli is still considered creepy by a lot of people real or not.

Justin Allan Bannister 9

agreed! it's all fun. enjoy sex, not shame it and such, if he was molesting a real child, kill him, dressing up is fun lol.

Getting dressed is fun, but the point here is that the boyfriend apparently gets turned on by kids.

something is wrong here 🤔