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Today, I finally felt ready to have sex for the first time, with my boyfriend of nearly 8 months. When I told him, things became intimate and pants came off. He then looked at me and said, "Yeah, I can't do this." The rest of the night was spent in awkward silence. FML
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nycwrestler 17

Sounds like he might have a "little problem" down there.

inthedopeshow 17

What would Tom Hanks be doing in her undies?


nycwrestler 17

Sounds like he might have a "little problem" down there.

I think she would of said that if that were to be the case...Just a thought.

The poor kid got scared of the kitty cat..

Personally, I hope he just wanted to wait until marriage. Or until a more romantic time.

I bet she's seen his winky before if they're getting ready to bang. Foreplay exists.

But maybe said winky loses blood flow when he gets nervous about sex.

looney_mc 4

I think he doesn't like the braver know what I mean( cockryder)

free2speak 14

More than a few just assumed something was wrong with him, but what if he just respected and cared about the girl to the point where he didn't want to have sex? Not all guys are sex hungry jerks that'll pounce on any opportunity to take a girl's virginity. And maybe the awkward silence was because he wasn't sure how to explain to her why he couldn't do it. Also, it could be his first time too... And he was just nervous and/or wasn't ready to have sex yet. Props to him if he was just being respectful.

How would it not have been respectful? OP was ready for sex, it's not like he pressured her into it. He was most likely nervous, or had other plans as to when to have sex. If he wanted to respect her he would have said something other than "yeah I can't do this" and be a fool sitting there awkwardly and possibly straining the relationship. But what do I know about relationships. Just sayin'

I agree with 85, they sound young and from the wording I got that op is a virgin, so the guy might be too, and that's cool if he's not ready yet.

79. You probably meant to say that not all "sex hungry guys are jerks" instead.

Wow... Surprising he didn't just put it in... No thinking... Sorry OP.. Now you're going to be traumatized to lose your virginity... That's lame

I have a... really hard time... understanding why... you have to include... amillion of those... triple periods. Sorry... I forgot... the name.... of that punctuation mark.

It's called an Ellipsis. It can be used to portray an aposiopesis but you're right it's over used when a simple comma could be used.

Megan98 18

Traumatized? I don't she witnessed anyone get murdered, or anything extreme. I'm sure if Op has half a brain she can get over it and maybe help her boyfriend get INto it.

This reminds me of this guy I know. He always random periods in the middle of his sentences. Kind of like this: Today I. Have decided to. Type like a. Retard. It's quite annoying.

I thumbed my comment down as well. I had been consuming alcohol and it was a rather idiotic comment. It was not a traumatic event at all but OP will forever remember almost losing her virginity. OP, I do sincerely hope when it does happen, it is spectacular and helps you get over this FML moment.

jason0 2

He just may not be comfortable getting that intimate with you yet. I'm sure that he'll be ready sooner or later, so just wait a little longer.

A lot of times the girls are the ones that are too nervous and usually their partners totally respect that. Just because he's a guy doesn't mean something's totally wrong. I'm sure you love him enough to let him wait until he's comfortable. It will be better for both of you.

Wow. That's not hurtful at all. The least he could do is give a reason why.

Maybe not being burdened with kids is more important than a five-second ******? And if you are gonna respond with something about birth control, those are not always perfect.

The reason why he doesn't want to have sex... What else?

Five kids from one ****** ? Whut ? And that isn't the reason he backed off. -.-

36 - Condoms and birth control pills exist for a reason.

39 - so according to your logic, anyone who doesn't want to have kids shouldn't have sex? Got it.

My first time... I was scared, and nervous. Luckily we both were virgins, and im still with her today, my amazing Lovebug.(: I lost my virginity to the one I want to marry.

That's lovely, 106. *Pat on the back* Anyone else who wants to share their loss-of-virginity stories with us? It's hard to believe how interested we are in them.

Are you pms'ing 119? I'm referencing my situation with what the guy could've thought. Furthermore, I've seen you spew your bullshit opinions on plenty of fml's, tbh I think you're quite dumb, so **** off me ****.

inthedopeshow 17

What would Tom Hanks be doing in her undies?

RedPillSucks 31

The opposite taste also exists, although its rare. I sadly turned down sex more than once, because to me no hair is a turn off.. I'm one of the rare guys that likes that forest ;)

84- She'll shave the jungle, the mighty jungle, it might just take all night...Aaoooooooooo

DKjazz 20

Aweemawep aweemawep, aweemawep, aweemawep.

SighGuy89 5

I must be a real Lumberjack then, because I love to just fall into the forest, explore and appreciate the natural beauty surrounding, and get to work with my trusty tool.

RedPillSucks 31

For a moment, I thought you said "rusty tool"

Sometimes boys aren't ready when girls are. Be understanding, it shouldn't be awkward!

secret_ninja_gal 12

They're usually ready before girls...

Well maybe, I can only speak for myself but in my case we both were as ready. Altough when we finally was about to do it I couldn't of some reason. Old great memories ^^

watsinausername 13

What was he thinking all those 8 months?

OhDearBetrayal 25

Wow, my girlfriends personality just takes my breath away and all I really want to do is have an emotional relationship. Or is that not mainstream enough?

A girl could have the most breathtaking personality in the world, but it's very VERY unlikely that a teenage lad (I'm assuming) is in a relationship for 8 months and doesn't want to have sex.

I have dated my boyfriend since we were juniors in high school (16 and 17) and he has never tried to get in my pants. You can have a happy relationship by waiting until you're both ready, even years, until marriage if that's important to you.

"A girl could have the most breathtaking personality in the world, but it's very VERY unlikely that a teenage lad (I'm assuming) is in a relationship for 8 months and doesn't want to have sex." I wish I could present my boyfriend to you, but he's not a member here. So sorry, you'll just have to believe the words of the girl with the most breathtaking personality (thanks for the compliment!), who was during those seven/eight months never pushed into sex. Now that I'm being nostalgic and thinking about those days, I wonder whether OP has shared any sexual experience with her partner. From no sex to bang bang penetration sex is a huge step, maybe too huge for him. If you haven't done it already, I suggest to start with the light (but still very pleasurable) variations of sex, aka fingering, ******** and oral sex.

jrandolph25 2

Don't be too hard on him it's probably a personal promblem show him you don't care about his "size"

Big penis, small penis, average penis, sometimes it's not about how big your dick is, maybe you just don't feel like its the right one? I've turned down girls for sex, and I'm happy I did, because I gave that special card to someone who actually holds an enormous value to me.

tj5810 21

Maybe he needed more time to prep the field before the big game.

Maybe 8 months was too long and the pressure and mammoth expectation for it to be perfect the first time was just too much.