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This happened to me my junior year. But they put me in the sophomore section. So it looked like I failed and was a 2nd year sophomore. And to top it all off, that was the year I was into American Eagle and the photographer cropped my picture so my shirt read "A. Fag" instead of "A. Eagle"

  JesusFreak227  |  15

They can't. I was on Yearbook staff in high school and making custom yearbooks is damn difficult on everyone's end. Make a custom yearbook for a single person is not going to happen.

  PhoebeBuffett  |  13

I was in yearbook my freshman year and there was a mixup on the senior quotes page, and one girls quote was supposed to be a bible verse but they accidentally gave her a quote from another student who had the same last name that said "at least I have friends on the Internet." The problem with this was that the girl who got the wrong quote was autistic, and her parents threatened to sue the school if the yearbooks weren't recalled and redone. Because 3000 yearbooks couldn't be returned, the yearbook staff had to go through all of the yearbooks that hadn't been sold yet and cross out the wrong quote with a sharpie. It was a mess and unfortunately, yearbook teachers don't care when it comes to stuff like that :/

  may14th  |  26

In middle school someone from yearbook club drew something offensive over a girls picture so they printed out stickers of the entire row to cover it up and handed them out like that.

  gogo44444  |  28

A similar thing happened to me. They put me a grade below than I was actually in. (I was in 8th grade at the time and they put me in 7th grade) and I was furious. But I wasn't the only one that was furious. The yearbook computer messed up the whole yearbook and out pictures of last year and mixed up the baby pictures and they ended up getting detention.

  Robertz1986  |  3

Like the OP, this happened to me. They did it to me twice in high school, including my senior year, and there is no way to reprint. It would cost a fortune, unless they made one just for me, but what's the point? One day I'll probably run for office and my non presence in my year books will be used as the basis of a conspiracy theory.

  cprad11  |  12

Is Pokemon the one movie where Harry Potter ascends Mt. Doom to cast the Millennium Falcon into the fire in order to save Hyrule? Or am I thinking of Star Trek?

By  Emirac  |  10

This happened to a guy at my high school years ago. They ended up making stickers of his photo and name and stuff and handed them out to everyone to put him in their yearbooks. Maybe you could suggest this. After all, it was their mistake, not yours.