By Mkester - United States
Today, I was going to a concert. I left my wallet at home because I was afraid it would get stolen, or lost or something. After an awesome night, I came back home to find that my house had been broken into, and every dollar that was in my wallet got stolen. FML
Mkester tells us more :
To clarify, they went through pretty much every drawer in the house, so I would have had to lock it in a safe or something, I suppose. And, it was Metallica :P
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By  Blackhearse  |  0

Atleast you didnt have to get knocked down onto the floor in order for the contents of the wallet to get stolen and the whole robbery thing from start to finish didnt ruin your great concert, These things in your wallet can be replaced.....Good times with friends and good music cannot

By  uhnonnuhmus  |  0

PWNED by #7...

I hate to say it, but you sort of deserved it if you left your wallet at home in a place that's easily accessible. Had I been you, I would've taken the cash with me and left the rest in a safe place that's not in the open.

If you put it someplace like under your mattress and the burglars ransacked your house, then this sort of sucks balls for you.

Since I don't know the circumstances, I'm giving you a simultaneous "deserved it" and "that sucks."