By taob - 20/05/2012 17:11 - China - Nanning

Today, I was walking up some stairs, and I told the guy in front of me to be careful, as the handrail was loose and well-worn. I then put my hand on it, and promptly fell backwards down the stairs with a piece of handrail still in my hand. FML
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Ouch, what hurt more the fall or irony?

In fml, people thumb down overused jokes.


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In fml, people thumb down overused jokes.

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Op should've taken his own advice ... Ha !!!

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38, I'd thumb you up if the first half of your comment wasn't written in retard.

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50 - Dude you should PM them instead of thread jacking.

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>insert "that's racist meme". >??? >profit

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You cant win on FML. I wrote like a dumbass just for fun and no one cares. Love you guys too :*

Maybe he thought she was showing him what it would be like if he wasn't careful?

I think it would've been just as effective if you'd have just said "The feminine symbol validates this FML to have been written by a female." The rest was just unnecessary, @38 O.o

Ouch, what hurt more the fall or irony?

Silly OP.... It must have been looser than they thought.

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Actually, I see it as a good demonstration of why the other guy should be careful.

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A fall has never hurt anyone. It's just the landing that gets them. c:

Its good to take your own advice sometimes!

The guy probably thought it was a joke

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Irony railed you in the back...

Yes, Alanis Morissette could've used you as a correct example of ironic situations!

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54. How is my situation ironic (or even relevant) in this manner?

Maybe because of your profile pic, with a tattoo saying "no regerts"...

Ouch, sue the owners of the building?

I love how the comments on this site assumes that you can sue every single shit happening in this world.

You can, it's jut usually a huge waste of money, but remember that lady who sued McDonald's for not putting a hot label on the coffee? She sure as hell profited.

14, it's obviously a health hazard. The people who own the building should be taking care of it. Hello...if the up keep of the building would have been kept up. OP wouldnt have had to warn anyone of anything or get harmed themselves. Just saying.

Some dude in the States sued Wendy's because he couldn't fit in their booths. It's what works these days.

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Why is 5 being thumbed down?

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Yeah, one of my dads previous workers spilled McDonald's coffee all over himself and sued them because it was "too hot", and although he didn't get a ton, he definitely profited. Fricken ridiculous...

A man sued god just to show according to the law you can sue anybody

33, I have no idea. Lol I would like to know why as well xD

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5 is being thumbed down because people are tired of not others taking responsibility for their own ******* actions. OP knew the rail was loose and still used it. Suing does not bring back common sense.

60- the thing is OP still shouldn't have had to go through that if the owners of the building kept an up keep on the buildings health codes. If you yourself lived somewhere were the health conditions were not so safe and you got harmed or someone you loved became harmed, wether you knew about the conditions or not you would go after the owners. End of story.

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OP is in China. Yeah, good luck sueing someone there.

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That's what u get for being a good person these days. U try to help but end up getting screwed anyway

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Y dun ppl lyk wen i spel lyk diz? Iz iT cuz u sound lyk ruhtard reedin iTz? Lulz YoLo.

Haha Idc if I get down thumbed down for this, but 41, you just hella made my day by saying yolo at the end of your comment in a retarded manner referring to your comment lol

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How is this karma? She didn't do anything wrong to begin with.

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I think the word you're looking for is "irony", not "karma".

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Well, at least you're okay. Did the guy help you up?

Hope you are alright. On the good side, you showed him that you do give sound advice.