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  GhostChickens  |  17

I came here to say that, damn you beat me to it! I would have thought that most people are capable of bringing their knees up to their face as long as they're in fairly good shape and don't have any injuries or sickness that prevent it.

Still, since OP is really flexible, it could have been worse. Imagine the knots they could have been tied in.

  Helldemon  |  32

If I had to guess, she was probably standing straight up and did a high kick. That's about the only thing I could think of that would require you to be "really flexible" and knee yourself in the face


I kneed myself in the forehead once (it was a bet ) I left $5 and a sandwich richer, but I also couldn't walk for an hour or so, and had a throbbing head.....idk if its normal, but my knee hurt way more than my head.


From what I have heard it was an abundantly pleasant experience for OP reminiscent of the sensation one gets from ingesting an excess amount of the mashed up remnants of a plant known as cannabis.