By Anonymous - 13/07/2013 04:37 - Canada - Kinburn

Today, I was doing a demonstration in front of my taekwondo class because I'm flexible. Really flexible. I kneed myself in the face and broke my nose. FML
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Well you don't need to be that flexible to knee yourself in the face! Pretty much anyone can do it. I wonder what OP was trying to demonstrate


I guess that's one way of showing them how to break someone's nose

i guess that's one extra way to say you're flexible

i was just trying to point out how flexibility sends to be a priority to OP

addioty 19

Atleast their mom didn't yell at them for getting blood on the carpet.

Well you don't need to be that flexible to knee yourself in the face! Pretty much anyone can do it. I wonder what OP was trying to demonstrate

I came here to say that, damn you beat me to it! I would have thought that most people are capable of bringing their knees up to their face as long as they're in fairly good shape and don't have any injuries or sickness that prevent it. Still, since OP is really flexible, it could have been worse. Imagine the knots they could have been tied in.

Helldemon 32

If I had to guess, she was probably standing straight up and did a high kick. That's about the only thing I could think of that would require you to be "really flexible" and knee yourself in the face

Wonder how many other people just tried it.

I kneed myself in the forehead once (it was a bet ) I left $5 and a sandwich richer, but I also couldn't walk for an hour or so, and had a throbbing head.....idk if its normal, but my knee hurt way more than my head.

Cool story 44...but no one really cares...

I wa thinking the same thing. I knee myself in the face when I sneeze sometimes......

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That's so true

I bet your instructor told you to keep your nose out of her business.

I bet you she didn't!

That was a good one #3

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Well if you're a girl, you'll probably have luck in the bedroom, being so flexible. Hope your nose heals fast, OP.

xSunnyOlivia 17

Why is there so many thumbs down...?

Because 'having luck in the bedroom' has nothing to do with the FML and wasn't necessary to comment

xSunnyOlivia 17

64- i was trying to lighten the situation..? Sorry for trying.

RetardedPotato 6

From what I have heard it was an abundantly pleasant experience for OP reminiscent of the sensation one gets from ingesting an excess amount of the mashed up remnants of a plant known as cannabis.

You should work on your technique and control then. No good just being flexible.

I gave you a thumbs up, only because you took my idea.

If you snooze, you lose.

Funny you say that cuz I just woke up too and just in time for new FML's!

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At least there are other advantages to being that flexible, if you know what I mean.

Kneeing someone else in the face?

AboveAll04 14

squeezing in and out of tight places ?

Kissing your own butt.

well at least you know you're good enough to break someone's nose!

She broke her nose!


Now that children is a fine example on how to self damage your nose . Thank you master .