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this fml was kinda hard to follow

Wow. That's why you say, "Hold on a second, guys, I'll be right back!" YDI. Idiot.


this fml was kinda hard to follow

I know. I still really don't think I got it.

It's not that difficult. She went out to eat with her friends. When she was leaving, she was supposed to sit in the back seat. She left because he saw an old woman having trouble getting to her car because it was raining. But when she closed the door, her friends thought she got into the car and left her. Though, even if she had a phone... the diner had a phone, so it really shouldn't have been a problem. But okay, whatever.

YDI for helping a girl, they're helpless enough as it is.

Thanks - I really didn't get this one until you explained it better. Not really an FML, but at least I now understand what the OP was trying to communicate.

The people you say you deserved it are dumb. Are your friends blind btw?

I hope not, they're driving! This is really not an FML. So you were left in the rain. You were outside shelter (a cafe). And your friends would realize you weren't there in a few seconds and come back for you. All in all, you got wet for a few seconds? That is, provided you were intelligent enough to run for shelter. I have my doubts. Not an FML.

no the way this was written, they drove the Cafe away plus you ALWAYS say if your not getting in, again you alwYs look back to check everyones in but still

Yeah but I assume they'd have realised pretty fast that you weren't there... ?

So they left without you while you helped this old lady? Perhaps they thought you were following them? And why did you just accept being at the back? Oh, and the no phone thing is your fault. If you left it with a friend or didn't bring it with you then why you trying to blame it on them? Never wished for a "Yo man I really don't give a fuck! Or even a little hand." button more.

Wow. That's why you say, "Hold on a second, guys, I'll be right back!" YDI. Idiot.

I still dont understand this one

How doesn't this make sense? Maybe you guys should read the entire thing and digest it before panicking to try to be first?

Maybe you should stop assuming people are trying to be first when they're just saying they don't understand. Douche.

Maybe shes mute...Everyone always assumes someones an idiot -.-

1st of all, y wouldnt u hav a fone and 2nd of all, u couldve said wait

There's lots of people who don't own cell phones. However, I would not expect someone of your obvious mental ineptitude to understand such a concept. Your "fone" must be killing your brain cells.

Actually, if you google it, you'll find that 82% of Americans own cell phones. I can't remember the last time I met/spoke with someone who does not own one. While #14 IS a retard, I can definitely understand why it most people would think it odd that someone does not own a phone. Get with the times; it's not 1998 anymore.

You'll also find that 12.5% of American's live below the poverty line. This is also very close to the percentage of people that don't own cell phones, therefore, one might think it reasonable that the only people that don't own a cell phone these days are very poor people (and probably old people, too). Do YOU know anyone living below the poverty line? I don't!

I don't think I'd really NEED one until I can drive. So, not a problem for me.

But if they're leaving a cafe, safe to assume that the cafe has a phone the OP could have used.

I thought that she had left the phone in the car... this FML lacks a lot of coherency though, so i can't be sure.

14: Please learn proper grammar. Thank you.

YDI for helping her in the first place