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By  WorryNot  |  19

Hello everyone op here. First of all wow I can't believe this got posted.
Ok, so I get dropped off at work because my husband works in the next town over so he gets to take the car. Normally it's an hour walk to my house but there's like half a foot of snow right now so it'd take longer. I did try expressing but I've never had to before so I'm pretty sure I was doing it wrong on account that I usually get 4oz but only managed about half an oz

By  SecondBee  |  12

Because you fill up with milk whether the baby is around or not. And being filled with milk without a baby to put it into hurts. A lot. And can lead to mastitis. Which hurts even more.

Any questions?

By  chirstinap325  |  21

I hope that you explained to your boss and that they let you go home and get it. For one, that'll get really painful if you don't pump and two, you could affect the amount of milk you're able to produce by skipping sessions.

By  derpina72  |  23

Hopefully your boss will let you go pick up the piece during your break or at some point! If not, if you've got storage....You could always hand express.

By  KJ6  |  21

Been there and done that. I actually took a long lunch that day, went home (a 45 min trip), pumped, then went back in. Ouch. F your life, babe.

By  species4872  |  19

Tit's a bit of a worry.