By Crissylove10 - 18/01/2010 20:12 - United States

Today, I bought a fake "wedding ring" at Target to play a prank on my parents. They kicked me out, saying my "fiancé" can take care of me now. There is no fiancé, and I just lost my job. FML
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well tell them the ring was fake!

Unemployed? Sounds like the perfect time to waste money on pranks.


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Wow, so how long were you living with your parents before you pulled that retarded prank?

The only answer you need is too long.

First attempt failure.

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...well then

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that has got to be the funniest comment ive read in a while. and niceee prank OP, YDI......

@#4: Yeeeeeah and Im sure that would make them FAR more likely to continue letting you live there.

this is why i hold on to my recipts........ :/

well tell them the ring was fake!

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why would you do that that's not even a good prank unless your like 16. but even then why

YDI for being texan

Kill yourself.

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i agree. roll tide

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definitely agreed!

"only steers and queers come from Texas, private CowBoy and you don't much look like a steer to me so that kind of narrows it down"

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@50 You sir, win +1 internets! (I'm texan so I can say this :D)

YDI for being racist, #9

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You should have picked up a resume at target instead of a fake ring moron!! Though you sound so pathetic I doubt they would hire you.

why would you pick up a resume? wouldn't you drop off a resume? It always cracks me up when people write comments insulting the OP without actually proofreading what they're saying themselves.

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They probably meant "application form".

ummm. your parents suck. you should tell them that they can't make you without a notice of eviction. that will piss them off.

And obviously pissing them off will make them more sympathetic to the OPs troubles.

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It's senseless trying to argue with this generation. I know. I'm part of it