By Oops - 11/1/2018 20:00 - United States - Anchorage
  Today, while celebrating my birthday, my friends hired a few escorts to make the party more interesting. This was a really bad way to learn that my sister is a prostitute. FML
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By  ChakatBlackstar  |  29

I'm not familiar with the process of hiring escorts for parties...or at all since it's illegal in my area and I've never felt the need to, but shouldn't they have vetted the prostitutes and not hire your sister? Because if they didn't even catch that, I'd be worried about what I'd hypothetically catch then.

  realjojo  |  11

IDK, maybe they just ask the "agency" to send 5 girls to address blah blah...
"The girls are here!" "You don't have to, but thanks...what are you doing here, sister!" (Everybody poker face)

By  neuronerd  |  28

"Today, I found out my brother pays for sex. FML."

By  Anonymous_One1  |  5

you know your struggling when your card get decline on a single pack of ramen, the guy behind the counter just looked at me and said "take, and go get a drink... I feel you " FML