By nickcedola40 - 04/04/2013 00:24 - United States - Palm Harbor

Today, I was on a scavenger hunt. One of the things on the list was to ask a stranger to marry them. I saw an old lady in a wheel chair; I tried to make her day by asking her to marry me. She declined and attempted to run me over with her wheel chair. FML
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kglambert24 8

That's actually a little creepy.

"Make her day by asking her to marry me"... A bit conceited, aren't we?


kglambert24 8

That's actually a little creepy.

yoursucklives 36

who would say yes to a proposal from some stranger?

kglambert24 8

Like 4 said, right intentions but still weird. No one would actually say yes of course.

OP sounds a bit full of himself tbh, if he thinks that proposing to some random old lady will "make her day". What, does he think that some young stranger making a joke proposal is the best thing that will happen to her all day...because she's old? In a wheelchair? Hmmm...

22 that's exactly what i was thinking...what if she'd recently lost her husband or something!?!

Have you not seen the proposal song on chat roulette? It's on youtube. If done right, a proposal from a stranger can be funny and sweet and can make your day - obviously it's not meant to be taken seriously. I don't think he deserved to be run over by her wheelchair (wtf).

spanelli 16

I dunno, 9, some people actually have a sense of humor and do say yes to play along.

kglambert24 8

69, I meant seriously. No one would seriously say yes.

spanelli 16

You never know. There are some pretty strange people out there.

kglambert24 8

I suppose, but that's still quite far fetched.

Old people do the darnedest things. But to be fair I'd probably do the same thing to a stranger. (If I was an old lady)

Unless you mean running OP over with a wheelchair.

iLike2Teabag 27

You have the right intentions, but you might come off as a bit weird. Especially if they think you're playing a joke, since its pretty close to April Fools.

Sounds like she was the one doing the wheelin' not you!

How does a scavenger hunt relate to asking people to marry you anyway? Any scavenger hunt I've done I was looking for things..

Poor Buckwheat-- "Wookin' Pa Nub" in all the wrong places.

I've done a couple scavanger hunts in which you were asked to do something as part of some of the objectives.

I would have just skipped that part of the hunt. Why was it even on it to begin with? Why would a complete stranger marry you. You know for a fact it won't make their day because they don't ******* know you and don't want to marry you unless it was one of those fairytales where you search for your true love and then you find them and marry them. It wouldn't involve an old person. If Op was going to do everything on the hunt then someone should have put walk in traffic and avoid moving vehicles. He'll be fiiine. Cars can't hurt you. >.>

Well honestly I haven't scavenger hunted since elementary school so I guess I haven't kept up with the times

I doubt some young guy with his fancy legs walkin all around, happy cause he's got his whole life ahead of him, is gonna cheer up any old person... especially if that old person is in a wheelchair! Better luck next time!?!

"Make her day by asking her to marry me"... A bit conceited, aren't we?

CharresBarkrey 15

I hit YDI immediately after reading that.

\ 28

Maybe OP is a famous celebrity.

How is that a scavenger hunt? It isn't like a stranger is going to have something to give you.