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Today, it's been almost two weeks since any of my relatives have talked to me. They are still mad because I didn't go on a Labor Day trip with them and I've found out why. Apparently, they had plans for me to babysit my younger cousins any time they wanted to do something fun. FML
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So they are mad at you for not coming after they told you to babysit your cousins.... Logic FTW

You got it all wrong. They're mad because they wanted OP to go with them, so when they wanted to go out and do something fun on vacation they would force OP to watch the kids. But since OP didn't go they had to watch them

the way you explained it didn't make it anymore clear to the guy who got down voted, the key word here is the adults wants to "trick" OP to coming on the vacation, with false pretense that OP would be sharing the enjoyment of the vacation, they didn't plan on telling OP they were designated babysitter until they were already stuck in the hotel room with the kids, OP's parent probably told OP weeks later after the failed scam when OP was confused why everybody was giving OP the cold shoulder

Sounds like it was a great thing that you didn't go. Tell them to stop being a bunch of Massholes and to get over it.

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They were mad they couldn't get your labor… on Labor Day. Outstanding.

Sounds like a toxic group of people. I would suggest cutting them from your life. Trust me when I say it won't get better. It took me twenty eight painful years to learn that lesson.

Pretty sure since OP is worried about not talking to them for only two weeks, they normally are on good terms. Cutting them out for one incident would be rather silly.

Yeah but it's hard to imagine that people who would act that way have only done something like this once.

That's the reality of being human everybody wants everybody else to sacrifice their time and energy and money to make their lives better and well step and you and ur family and who ever else it takes. your all in pursuit of a carrot on a stick.. And nobody wants to give out the carrots....

Vacation or not, if they want you to babysit they can ask nicely and owe you a favor or just pay you. They have no business getting mad at you because their attempt to be sneaky backfired. And God forbid they actually spend time with their children on this FAMILY vacation. I'm sure your cousins would have just loved being stuck in a hotel room with a babysitter while their parents are all out getting hammered.

I'm noe who gets slammed for not having kids. I'm in my mid-20s and my husband and I have no intention of having kids at any point. Adoption down the road? Maybe. But right now, we have no intention of having kids because the reality is that we are not willing to give up our lifestyle to accommodate children. And I just don't see why that's such a huge deal to some people.