By Anonymous - United States
Today, I went to my cousin's farm with my family. First I was pooped on by a goose, peed on by a puppy, bit in the face by the mother dog, fell through the floor of the barn loft, and without knowing it was electric, rested my hand on the horse fence. FML
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  XOfiestypixie  |  0

Horses can sometimes have the bad habit of breaking down fences. Especially stallions when the mares are in heat. =)
(I've seen a miniature stallion break through 2 wooden fences and nearly an electric to get to the females...Horses are tough shit)

  dsrs3777  |  0

I dunno which horse fences you've touched but the two times I've come in contact with different ones it really hurt! Very temporary pain of course but the second it happened I thought someone had thrown a boulder at my arm

  PointMissed  |  0

I have worked on a farm for the past 3 summers and ridden horses for my whole life. I have touched literally dozens of different horse fences, didn't hurt once- just a little shock like touching the doorknob after rubbing your feet on the carpet. Doesn't hurt. The volatge isn't enough to do any damage. OP is a pussy.

  tarana  |  0

You must have some crazy high pain tolerance. The one time I accidentally backed up into an electric fence, it felt like someone had kicked me to the ground.