Not a geography major

By Anonymous - 16/02/2010 05:15 - United States

Today, I had an interview for a college. The college is in Rhode Island. I live on the West coast. When I asked the interviewer if they got to the mainland by boat or by some other form of transportation, he told me Rhode Island is not an island. FML
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I'm guessing you didn't get in? haha, I'm in Australia and I know that!


how dd u not know that my states is on the mainland. jeeze u people in the west coast live in ur own world. next time use google maps.

Hey don't put us all in the same category as the OP! Not all of us on the west coast are idiots....granted, I grew up on the east coast.... That must be it.

u probably only kno cus u grew up on the east coast.

I'm on the west coast and I knew it's not an island. op must be retarded!

Skullcrusher 5

Congratulations, you win the dumbass for a day award.

I'm from Britain and I knew it wasn't an island :P

i live in canada and i know rhode island is not an island... hahaha... oh your americans and lack of education

I'm from New Zealand and I knew it's not an island!

Literally, how did you get into the college? You didn't notice that it wasn't an island on your way there? YDI

Lack of education eh? ignorant statements like that make you appear to be dumb. just saying.

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I don't see how "lack of education" is at all ignorant, especially when you consider the post

being ignorant is not having a good education so you do not know anything,being stupid is having an education but still not knowing SKADOUCHE BAG

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amiotica: don't be downing on erican education:) we just try to ignore the "slower" people! lol

amiotic or whatever, Canada sucks **** overall

I live in rhode island... i've always thought it was an island..

WOW... but I just think that it's most Americans who are idiots... I'm from Canada and it never ceases to amaze me how many Americans think we have snow up here all year round and some even think we all live in igloos.

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I've heard that Brown University was the "reject school" of the Ivy Leagues but this is just piling on. And yeah I've gotta say from what I've experienced going to a big school on the east coast (and growing up on the east coast) with many students from the west coast going here; they definitely seem to be more "geographically ignorant" in general out there. I live in North Carolina and have been asked on more than one occasion by people form out west if NC and SC are part of the same state! Not kidding.

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I know, I was down in the states once and someone actually asked me if polar bears were friendly o_O

To be fair, there are polar bears in places in Canada. Granted, the odds of you living in those places are slim. But OP is the sort of reason I apologise for being American. Room for one more up North?

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I'm from Indiana...I wanna visit an island........... .......

Did you mean to say, "oh you Americans," instead of, "oh your Americans?" Oh you Canadians and your lack of education.

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In his defense, my friend who goes to Stanford didnt know.. And she's extremely intelligent. People just forget the obvious sometimes, I guess, since I know at least my friend learned it. They should ask this question in the CAHSEE every time. If they still pass after being wrong, at least a few people will become curious and look it up. Ironically, i remember it's not an islans BECAUSE the name is deceitful.

I live in Rwanda and even I knew it was an island.......Noooooooooooooooo don't shoooooooooot me!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rhode Island... You thought it was an island?I bet you're also wondering where Old Jersey is.

it's an island that has lots of roads (rhodes)

hey I'm on the west but I know where the original thirteen colonys/states are and there not islands!

Yeah, um, I grew up on the West coast and I DEFINITELY know Rhode Island is not and island. Stupidity isn't just a regional thing. Though I did have some dumbass from Oklahoma ask me how far it was to Canada from Oregon and I had to tell him a) where Oregon was to begin with and b) there's another state in between Oregon and Canada.

I'm from Virginia and i know it's not an island :P

Oh, I also had some moron from southern Idaho ask me where Seattle was. Really? You live in the state RIGHT NEXT TO THE GODDAMN STATE IT'S IN.

That's an awfully broad, not to mention rude statement, for such a specific situation.

Oh no, he asked me how short a drive it was from Eugene to the Canada border. Short? Uhh, it's like 8 hours.

dudeitsdanny 9

I had someone from Virginia ask me the time here once. I told them it was 7. They asked if 7am or pm.. I live in California, but to this day I let them believe i'm 15 hours behind. Not 9 ahead.. 15 behind. Same with some Canadian girl, but she figured it out 3 years later.

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I believe you mean "you Americans." Damn, fool. I'm a dumb American and you've still got nothing on me.

ha you ******* idiot how'd you pass highschool your probably think china's in Europe or some shit ha ydi op

Don't say that about all americans its not the smart ones (like me) fault when ******* retards (like that retard) are stupid.

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where in rhode island you live? im from warwick

jisaac09 25

Sundog, Canada does have snow all year long...... Im not saying that you can't see grass or go out comfortably in t-shirts, but there is always a place in canada where you can go and pick up a handful of natural snow....

next he's gonna say alaska is out of country

well I'm from Mississippi, the stupid state, I so knew that. doof.

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I would also like to know how you even got into college. I always thought it was pretty common knowledge that there are only 2 states that are not part of the mainland; and Rhode Island is NOT one of them. Living on the west coast is not an excuse for not knowing RI isn't actually an island.

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Wow, you people really are dumb... How do you live there and not know it's not an island? Or get into college for that matter.

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Yeah, most Americans aren't very bright (FYI I'm an American). However, America is one of the most powerful countries in the world. Power + Stupidity = Not Good

When I told people I was visiting West Virginia they actually thought it was Western Virginia

i live on the west coast and i know that rhode island is not a island!, next time dont bring us down to your retard level op just because you want to justify your lack of knowledge

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#149: It's really unfair to say that all americans are idiots. I will agree that MANY americans are dumb, and many think stupid things about other countries (or rhode island...) But that's a stereotype that people all over the world think all americans are morbidly obese. This has some basis in fact, but it's not completely true. you are complaining about canadian stereotypes when you play into american stereotypes. think about that.... oh, and the OP is a dumbass. They will never get into RISD or Brown or whatever school is there.

Slow people like you? It's American, not erican. Learn to either spell or proof read before proving other people's points.

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I'm a Rhode Islander and OP you make me ashamed. Rhode Island is a state in the USA, dumbshit!

#224. "I had someone from Virginia ask me the time here once. I told them it was 7. They asked if 7am or pm.. I live in California, but to this day I let them believe i'm 15 hours behind. Not 9 ahead.. 15 behind." Someone please correct me if I'm wrong but if your friend is in VA (eastern time) and you are in CA (Western time) that leaves central and mountain time between you. You are actually 3 hours BEHIND someone on the east coast. Check out for proof. Also, remember that the ball drops in NYC before midnight happens in CA.

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dude candians have about the same amount of stupidity. Americans also have some stupid people, but not all of us are, so don't put us all in one category

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okay WE ate not stupid and I'm not singling anyone out but it doesn't matter where u live if your stupid or not we all do know that OP is the stupid one though because we all not that Rhode Island is not an island but I agree that America can have it's stupid people but so can any other country so don't be calling America dumb

Technically, the Mississippi River does separate California and Rhode Island.

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1. OP is a fool! 2. Just to go off of people living on the west coast. I grew up in Iowa, and moved to Minnesota for college. I was online chatting with a woman from L.A. When asked where I'm from and after telling her from Iowa. She then asked "Iowa is Australia right?" *face-palm*

well your friend is probably just book smart

dudeitsdanny 9

313- You might wanna re-read my post, THEN reply to it. You might look more intelligent if you understand a simple post, rather than post something that's obvious.

@175 along with East Virginia too. It's stuff like this that makes me fear for the future of our world.

have you considered redoing kindergarden for quick refresher course in the map of the USA?

jisaac... there are also places in the US where you can find snow all year round, dumbass. What's your point?

I'm from space and I know it's not an island!! ok that's enough for calling out homes far away from Rhode Island and saying u knew. we all get it. op is stupid

Sigh, you silly Canadians... Americans aren't retarded, some are just ignorant because they grow up in such easy living conditions and choose to remain un-educated. Many Americans are very intelligent and talented indivuals. All great nations have rough patches, but it's those rough patches that inspire people to improve.

jisaac09 25

Sundog, that is my point dumb ass, you said that you didnt have snow all year long, and since there might only be a couple of countries that dont have snow all year long i thought surely Canada was not one of the exceptions...... And please explain to us all how im a dumb ass because the US as snow all year long too???? I think your the one who mad an ignorant statement.....

please, I'm in Canada, and there are plenty of dumbass canadians, even some who have an "education". Stupid is for everyone, everywhere. Not just Americans. It would help if they didn't give really stupid people tv shows, however. Jus' sayin'.

the op probably thinks south Dakota is next to Texas too. if he knows where Texas is.

Wow, I just realized all of these comments are in responce to number one. Also, I smell a history lesson coming on. The full name of rhode island is rhode island and providence plantations. Aquidneck island was origonaly rhode island, but the name was changed to avoid confusion. Providence plantations was all the non-island part of rhode island. So,if the op's collage is on Aquidneck island(which it probably isn't), then she was right in a way, and the interviewer would probably have taken a car out on one of the bridges. If the collage was on Aquidneck island. Which it probably isn't. Also: the full name of rhode island is rhode island and providence plantations, making it have the longest name for a state. The motto is hope, making that the shortest motto for a state. So the smallest state has the largest name and the smallest motto.

You know, there is an old Jersey. Granted, it's only called Jersey, but it's an island in the English Channel.

i voted you tottaly deserved it fir being in collage and not knowing rhode islands not actually an island and your lifr sucks for being a complete and total idoit

avoidthegirl you are an idiot. The guy probably knew that oregon wasn't on the border with canada if it was his question wouldn't make sense. You should try out this new thing . . . it's called a brain.

dudeitsdanny i could be wrong here but it is only a four hour difference not a nine. That is four time zones difference and each time zone change is an hour.

itsbryn 0

Don't say all American's are as stupid as her, if anyone cared enough about Canada, i'd think of something witty to say but i'm a freshman in college and i've known Rhode Island isn't an island since the 3rd Grade. and i grew up in the South

do u listen to Justin beiber in your igloo? LOL

btw not funny at all just plain offensive

taytaysssxy 0

Kay dumb shit we have the best education .. get your facts straight(:

taytaysssxy 0

ya okay I'm pretty sure nobody cares about you anyways Canada. you are a hat on a America and nothing else. if you haven't NOTICED. you guys mean nothing to the world.. ssorry but you've been overlooked to everyone for your entire existence. when I think of Canada I think of beavers and snow. because nobody actually educates us about Canada, because you it's are completely useless and pretty much a wall flower. or like a quiet kid in the corner. so I really don't have a opinion on you dumb **** canadians commenting on here. atleast you guys learn about America :) cuz were actualy important ... and if any spelling Nazis are going to use grammar and punctuation against me. I'm using an iPod and a am a lazy American ;) not that it hurts anyone if I dotnt spell something right. so **** of if you have a problem, go be a grammar teacher and stop being a ****

We don't live in our own world! Learn to not stereotype people, douchebag.

haha, silly canadians and your marajuana ?_?

375 - Who is the complete and total idiot here, because it seems to me OP isn't the only stupid person on here. For instance, you spelled college wrong. Another person spelled American wrong. Nobody is perfect, I know that, and am not by any means indicating that I am perfect at all (I am in fact very far from perfect). If I have offended anyone at all, i apologize. I don't think any one can give me this answer, but what I would truly like to know is what is the matter with people these days?

AFloppyWetWhale 6

You Canadians can call us Americans idiots all you want, but we don't have to be smart when we're whooping your asses in the Olympics. How bout that, EH?

I'm guessing you didn't get in? haha, I'm in Australia and I know that!

jisaac09 25

OP shouldnt feel too bad, for the longest time i thought that Australia was an island....

mhmm well i guess you're getting dumber then. because it is.

jisaac09 25

Actually Australia is a CONTINENT, and since the world is mostly water every single continent is surrounded by water. So, the real definition of an island is any land completely surrounded by land that is not big enough to be a continent...... And for all you retards calling it an island, look it up.... I think greenland or somewhere is the biggest island, and Australia is bigger than that.....

cueball12 0

... Greenland is bigger than Australia.... And you called them the retards?

jisaac09 25

Really??? Damn, i thought that 2,967,892 square miles ( would be larger than 836,109 square miles ( I do feel like a retard......

jisaac09 25

Maybe u should google it before you say something ignorant.... its the 1st link......

xlostwithoutu 0

Haha I live in MA ( RI is about 5 mins away and here you technically live in both states) When I told my family this they laughed their asses off. Oh God I love being a Rhode Islander...

uhm, australia is a ******* continent you dumb *****. I should know, I live there

Guess you never looked at map. YDI - how'd you even get an interview for college?

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Today, I thought Rhode Island was an island. I am just retarded. FML

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Perhaps after Soviet Russia nukes America, it'll become an actual island.

doorstop987 0

in Soviet Russia, America nukes you!

MoCo_fml 0

That'll be a long time coming. The Soviet Union hasn't existed for how many years now? And I grew up in the West, and people can be just as stupid about things when they're from the East. The number of questions our Forest Service got... My personal favorite was as following: At what altitude does a deer become an elk, and an elk become a moose? Moose, deer, and elk are all separate species, smart one.

you don't deserve to take up somebody's spot in college.

You got that right. OP, you are breathing air a useful person needs.

Octwo 16

Saying you live on the west coast only makes me hate you more. Move far away from me and take your stupidity with you, please.

If anyone sounds pretentious here, it's YOU.

You do know that 36 million people live in California alone? We're not all stupid, dick. In fact, some of the top schools are on the west coast. Maybe she's going to a college in Rhode Island because she's a dumbass. I don't know anyone who lives here that actually thinks Rhode Island is an island. I think I would know more people than you, considering I live here.

I didn't know, and I'm in California -.-. Well, I'm only in the 7th grade, but I think California's school standards excludes U.S. geography XD. At least up to where I'm at.

omnomnomster24 0

hey! just because it's a college in rhode island doesn't mean she's a dumba**. though op is, people in rhode island are not stupid. shame on you!

mp73 0

It's a potentially legitimate mistake. Just not for an American citizen hoping to be accepted in a college that requires interviews of potential students that happens to be on the opposite side of the majority of the country.

I can only think of 4 schools here that might require interviews, and only Brown would take someone that dumb, but only if they had lots of money. Also, Quahog's not a real town, so stop ******* asking us.

quikwit1212 0

^ Who was dumb enough to ask you that? Geez, I live in Indiana, and I know that.

yes it is retard my friend lives there look it up