By happypineapple - 17/07/2014 03:31 - Australia - Scarborough

Today, I went to a market. I saw stall which had mainly animal furs and things like that. I found a rounded, furry pen and stroked my cheek with it. Wondering what it was, being so soft and oddly shaped, I checked the tag. It was kangaroo testicles. FML
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I must applaud you, that was an intelligent and really well thought out comment.

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And freedom to follow the rules... Since ya know we are all pointing out the obvious rather than commenting on the FML rather than adding to the thread.. Though "eww" does seem rather appropriate for it. If people expect others to show wit and intelligence rather than their thoughts they should be looking at comments on the NY Times or some other more important piece of articles not FML.

You guys are overreacting don't you think ? :) My comment sums up our first thoughts I would say, it's worth every word ^^

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I agree w/ you people need to calm down over an FML comment

yes, please keep your drama to yourself. I'm sure we've all got lots of it on our own platter(s).

Shout out to Australia, the way she go down under!

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It's okay my dad owns the penis bone of a walrus

There is no bone in the penis... Might wanna check again.

Actually most mammals have bone in penis. And walrus has one of the biggest. Unlucky us xD

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#60 You might wanna check your info again.

#63 I heard from one of my friends that squirrels have pretty big ones too..horrendously big for the size of their bodies. I'm just glad I wasn't in the same class as she was in.

That sucks balls. Or should I say that rubs balls?

Damn... Is FML having a Downvotepocalypse or something?

You should know by now - you're not allowed to have any kind of sense of humour on FML comments.... (Down voting commences in 3...2...1...)

I bet the sales person got a kick out of that one. That's pretty embarrassing though, I'd hop on a train and move away.

I'm sure it scarred you for life. FYL indeed.

I have a kangaroo ******** bottle opener.

Coming from a koala this is unexpected. To say the least.

Oh we hate kangaroos. They also taste nice you should have a kangaroo burger.

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I have reread your comment about twelve times and I'm still chuckling. Good show #23!

I can't help but picture a koala staring down a kangaroo while opening a beer with a kangaroo ******** bottle opener.

Well, at least we know the kangaroo wouldn't do anything. He wouldn't have the balls to start a fight.