By toadface - 04/08/2009 23:25 - United States

Today, I took my puppy outside to play. At one point, she stopped chewing on her toy and ran over to give me a big kiss all over my face and mouth. A few minutes later I realized that her chew toy was actually the dried up carcass of a toad. FML
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I'll take a more traditional approach to this troll-post: YDI FOR HAVING A DOG

Buried here too? this won't sit to well with the rest of the trolls.

Eggers 2

uh no, ydi for letting your dog lick your mouth (which btw is a sign of dominance. youre that puppie's bitch now)

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Big deal. Just go wash your face off

That's so adorable! Don't forget the licking of his feces-covered anus.

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luckily he didn't stick his tounge in your mouth

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YDI for letting her slobber all over your face either way. I mean, BEST CASE SCENARIO, her tongue has been all over her little lady parts. Ew.

seriously. my little brother has a dog fetish or something too, he will purposely walk up to my dog and stick my dogs whole nose/mouth into his. YDI for not seeing your dog was chewing on something dead, then letting it lick your mouth.

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ew, that's disgusting. but hey, it's just a puppy.