By Singlewife
Today my husband got drunk and wrecked the house. And when I say wrecked the house, I mean ripping everything off book shelves, Tearing the ceiling fan out of the wall, Opening the fridge and shoveling everything out. Glass everywhere. etc. and this isn’t the first time. I clean up every time. FML
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By  sisoladra  |  20

And why are you putting up with it? if it's not the 1st time then that's ridiculous either find him help for his anger or leave him if u stay and just clean up and act like it's fine nothing will change and he will see that there is nothing wrong with acting that way.

By  GamerChickxoxo  |  16

And one day he wolnt stop at the walls and fridge, one day hell start to take it out on you. Youll feel bad and afraid, youll take the abuse until he ends up killing you in a drunken rage.Trust me when i say
get out while you can.
or wait until next time he rages, and take pictures of the house ect before leaving so you atleast have proof.
Theres always a local womens shelter if you have nowhere else to go.
i lived at one for awhile.

By  aerith105  |  14

I don't understand. if it isn't the first time, why did you stay? to me it sounds like he needs to be divorced. or at least some damn help. and if he refuses, you should leave him.