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Sounds like a simple crazy ex-fiancé to me.

i like the username you chose lol!


Sounds like a simple crazy ex-fiancé to me.

I hope you mean ex-fiancé...

And you just became the side-chick to a douche. Sorry and Fyl as well as his wife's

You spelled ex-fiance wrong.

Fiancé is an old French word that used to mean something similar to "promised" (past tense of the verb fiancer). Since French has gender agreement, fiancé is for a male, and fiancée is for a female. We even use it exactly that way in English. The more you know.

Oh I just realized where I messed up. That's what happens when I try to correct people with no sleep. Sorry. Bring on the downvotes!

I was a bit confused here, so for anyone else feeling confused, #4 was trying to say that OP spelled it wrong because she forgot to put "ex" before fiancé. Not because she actually spelled it wrong.

i like the username you chose lol!

I'm having trouble imagining how it's possible to not know. If they don't live together, then he may be trying really hard to divorce but without her signing the papers, it's simply not possible in many jurisdictions.

That can be the case in some situations, where he is jumping the gun using the phrase ex-wife. If you two lived together then sadly that could be the case. I know a friend of mine has been trying to ditch her crazy ex for 2 years now and he has managed to drag it out in every possible way so technically since the divorce is not final, he is still her husband. They have been separated for well over the 2 years but he still finds ways to tangle her up financially and emotionally. If this is not the case then walk away and never look back at that lying scumbag.

I know of a woman who had two partners living in the same house without knowing about each other. They worked different shifts and weren't home at the same time and she somehow had the house like the other didn't live there when one man was there. There's also having a different home that op lives with him at or something.

That really sucks, OP. I hope but you and his wife left his cheating ass. But out of curiosity, is he not still living with his wife? Or did you just never go to his house so you never knew they were still living together? Or maybe he had a love nest, now that I'm thinking about it. Either way, at least you found out now so that he's your ex-fiancé, and not your soon to be ex-husband (though if he HAD married you, consolation prize is that he'd be in jail).

Well, everybody seems to be thinking that the guy is a cheating bastard. What I understand from this FML is that the guy is still married, but nothing seems to indicate he still lives with his wife. Who knows if the FML is not "only" that the guy could not complete his divorce yet? To me the FML is not the guy cheating, but the guy not mentionning his situation, which is enough to upset someone you are promised to.

well what i understood from that post is that this guy is a nasty liar who not only didn't mention that "small" detail about him being married but also badmouthed his "crazy" wife

Try learning that you're wife #8, and that your husband is actually still married to #7. Bigamy is a felony where I live and the police have yet to arrest the bastard.

What happened to #5 & #6?

Follow up please

Same thing happened with my sociopathic ex, except it was a "crazy ex girlfriend" who was actually still current. In my case, I didn't find out until after I'd already married and divorced him. Cut and run, girl. He'll bring you nothing but misery.