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Today, I found out my fiancée's been cheating on me. Her excuse? Her ADHD made her do it. FML
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Alternate Dick Holding Disorder?

17 didn't get this thread....


She confusing men for squirrels now?

What does that even mean?

I think it means #1 doesn't know what ADHD is.

I thought it was a "up" reference. Only because the dog always got distracted and said squirrel.

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skittyskatbrat 19

ROFL! Anyone with ADHD gets that joke ;) Also... "How many ADHD kids does it take to change a lightbulb?" Answer: "Let's go ride bikes!"

skittyskatbrat 19

#20, It's a reference to how distractable someone with ADHD can be. Any conversation or activity can be derailed by anything that pops up as remotely interesting. Such as a squirrel outside the window. "Squirrel!" is a running in-joke.

Why all the dislikes? I'm ADHD and find the halarious. Btw, shitty exuse, sorry op

Time to get a new fiancé.

Alternate Dick Holding Disorder?

Automatic dick humping disease

jazmin3012 28

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17 didn't get this thread....

Always dick hungry disorder?

There is always one who doesn't follow suit . Don't judge! Throw rocks like a man ....

Big rocks! Agreed!

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If you can't take a joke, you're gonna have a long, tough life.

61 - thats nice, take all the offence you want cause its not a big deal

jazmin3012 28

#18 I understood it. it's just I wanted to add to the joke

#61 it's a joke not a dick don't take it so hard.

It's not jokes towards ADHD. It's a joke towards someone who is using ADHD as a terrible excuse to cheat

61, I have ADHD as well. The jokes are funny, and you're being kind of butthurt about the whole thing. No one is sitting here directly insulting you because of your ADHD.

Hyperactively humping other guys I guess?

#61 You know what really should offend you? Some cheater trying to blame their bullshit on their ADHD. Do you want people assuming you would act that way, because you have ADHD?

cjwayy 22

I have ADHD and I think this is pretty hilarious.

Back on topic... Another Dick Harlot Disorder?

#61 - So do I, but I'm not crying about it.

skittyskatbrat 19

#61 I have ADHD and I think it definitely has its opportunities for humor. Drawbacks, yes, but you gotta take it with a sense of humor. It's like being tall or short. You can get upset, or you can threaten... "Make one more short joke, and I swear to God I will come over there, jump really high, and bite your knees!" As long as it's not done in a deliberately insulting manner by someone who actually thinks it really is an insult, I'm fine with it. Deliberately insulting? That'll just piss me off. Otherwise, grow a thicker skin.

Another Dumb Hore Disease?

...cuz she's so dumb she can't spell ***** right.

don't just accept all comments given to you just because if the sender 'didn't mean anything bad'. they need to learn that you can't joke or comment on every-*******-thing ! I have a ton of stuff about myself that I joke about, and then there are things that I can't/won't/are not ready to joke about. If someone comments on the wrong thing, wether it be someones height, weight, nose, diagnosis, it can really hurt people!

But only if she's holding it to get to sleep.

i have adhd myself and i find this highlarious

A dick holding douche?

I laughed so hard at this I farted

#88 Booooo. And first comment of the next day. Woop woop

Yeah, making fun of someone's disability isn't a joke it's downright disrespectful.

I have ADHD and I think it is hilarious. You gotta laugh at yourself. :)

I think you mean *ex-fiancée.

these comments on every FML like this are unoriginal.

So are these replies now...

How ironic: the "unoriginal" comments are now unoriginal

Seems legit. Sounds like you caught her with her pants down (literally)

No. Not literally.

smilevue 23

It's like excuses are getting more ridiculous by the day. And I'm sorry that she was cheating on you. That always sucks.

If i die in iraq aint nothin to it, my ADHD made me do it...

Draxanoth 15

As I read this, Sail by Awol came on. Coincidence? I think not.

LittleRed79 39

Blame it on my ADD baby!

"Why did you rob the bank?" "The leprechaun told me to get his gold."

Reminds me of the Simpsons with Ralph Wiggum. "Now you know what to do burn them, burn them all" lol

she cant blame her ADHD on that.

Or that on her ADHD. Both aren't very logical to do.

My doctor explained my ADHD to my parents very simply. A child is standing behind a girl with a ponytail. His brain thinks to itself, "I wonder what would happen if I pulled her ponytail?" and before he can think anything like, 'it would hurt her,' or, 'I would get in trouble' he has already yanked on the ponytail and is now thinking, "I should NOT have done this. This was bad." I am in no way making excuses for her, but the basic theory lines up. Either way, it didn't just 'happen' I would guess and I would say that she probably led up to this with meetings or something.

Fair assessment, but cheating is a lot more thought out than grabbing a ponytail

By that definition it would not be ADHD but instead an impulsive/compulsive type disorder more like OCD...if that's how your Dr "simply" put it then your parents need to find a different Dr for you because the Dr "simply" doesn't know what they're talking about &/or knows your parents won't question such nonsense while continuing to waste money. Sorry #9, FYL.

That is way off. I have ADHD that is not exactly how it works. Quite opposite of that. And besides, pulling a ponytail and ******* someone are vastly different. I don't have to process that to know that its wrong.

TheCutestLizard 28

Sexual impulsivity is a characteristic of Impulsive ADHD.

I have ADHD and impulsivity can indeed be a symptom, but not everyone has it. Fortunately for me, I don't, but that particular symptom is much more common in boys than girls... and #9 is a boy.

SmittyJA24 26

"More common" in boys? My psych professors (yes, plural) stand on the premise that ADD is a purely male phenomenon, as massive multi-tasking is a female phenomenon.

32, that wouldn't be what OCD is like. OCD would be more like "I have to pull on this girl's ponytail or something terrible will happen." OCD compulsions are based around irrational fears, not curiosity.

Sounds like people who have this shouldn't inflict themselves on others. Makes me wonder how much of the high divorce rate is due to mentally defective people who ruin others then blame it on "I couldn't help it! I have the ADD/ADHD/Assburgers/whatever!"

amberv61 22

Really assburgers? Not sure if you are joking or not. If you're not it's aspergers

I've been dealing with ADD for years and that is not how it is. It's more like you ask someone to do a task and they walk off only to come back an hour later with something else and not what you asked.

67, Well my neurologists (yes, plural) would disagree with your psych professors. Boys and girls can both have ADHD. And I can say with certainty that your psych professors are wrong, because I'm a female with ADHD. And I'm not sure you understand what ADHD is, because multitasking can also be a symptom of ADHD. It's an inability to focus on one thing. So a person with ADHD will start an hour long project, then 10 minutes in realize they have something else they need to do, start working on that instead, then see a book they wanted to read, start reading it, then get a little thirsty and make an elaborate smoothie, then remember what they were going to do in the first place, go back to that, and ten minutes later remember that second thing they started doing and do that instead. So ADHD is basically multitasking gone so awry that no one task can be finished. So to say that woman can't have ADHD because they multitask is a really stupid statement.

olpally 32

Bullshit! What a dumb cheating ****. Dump her. Sheesh.

little harsh?

olpally 32

Nope. Perfect.

Being dumb or a **** isn't something bad... though the fact that she cheated and lied to try and cover up insultibg millions of other people, THAT is bad.

49 - did you really just say that? so you wont get insulted if i call you dumb? (lacking intellegence)