By assoutofuandme - 14/02/2013 07:39 - United States - San Francisco

Today, while riding the train home, I noticed a man who kept looking at me. Annoyed, I told him to be less obvious and to stop staring. He promptly responded, "Bitch, I'm gay, and even I can tell no one would want to look at you." FML
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Let the man stare don't get annoyed so easily -_-

1, it does get annoying when someone stares for a long time. It's quite creepy actually.


Let the man stare don't get annoyed so easily -_-

1, it does get annoying when someone stares for a long time. It's quite creepy actually.

Another YDI in the category of: It's not all about you. Self-centered much?

Unless the guy is good looking, then it's just flattering. ;)

30, since when were good looking guys allowed to stare and less attractive guys not? I like your logic....

49 - Not MY logic. I'm just pointing out a double standard. "Creepy behaviour" is a subjective category. We like it when people we consider attractive pay attention to us, but when it's people we don't consider attractive we call them "creepy". Don't take it so seriously, it's just one of those things we people do.

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Uhm yeah I am going to have to point out that many, many guys will whip out the "bitch I am gay card" after being caught staring at a girl and getting rejected in the same breath to mask their own embarrassment and turn it around on her it's doubtful the guy was actually gay.

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Wow 112, paranoid much? Also, don't be so disrespectful. "Put the damn doughnut down..." Shut the hell up. If that's your attitude towards cops, you deserve to fend for yourself. You know where all the cops are? At work. Not with their families. I hardly ever see my dad on weekdays or weekends, and holidays, forget it. You know how many Christmases I've had with my dad? 2. Thanksgivings? 1. And he's never around on New Years because of drunk drivers and trouble makers. Rarely does he have my birthday off, and when he does, he's still on call. He always is. Yea, I know it seems like I'm over reacting, but I can't stand people disrespecting cops, even if they were trying to be funny. He's never home because he has to protect jack offs like you, who probably calls them pigs too. You asking for their help while insulting them is ****** up.

64- the only thing that messes up at 69 is a fart.

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So from your logic, avoid looking at ANYONE wherever you go? Stupid.

How is he a douche for not letting her be a bitch to him? He probably wasn't even looking at her.

Sometimes people just stare out into space while sitting on trains or busses, ans it can look like they are staring, are all of them douches too?

Staring is not looking at someone for a moment. I hate it when people stare at me and for as far as I know no one likes to be stared at. And with staring I mean staring for longer than 5 seconds or so. I am really surprised that this isn't considered rude or creepy here, because I definitely consider it rude to stare at someone for a longer period of time. It makes me feel horribly uncomfortable. I mean, why would someone just stare at you? If they are interested, why don't they approach you and if they are not, why are they staring at you? I'm talking about situations where it isn't hard to avoid looking at someone, of course.

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Wow. I'm kind of surprised by the attitudes on here. If I see someone staring at me, I always just smile at them! They almost always smile back, and voila, you've had a really nice moment/connection with someone. Plus, I always consider that you might look like someone they know or they might think they know you.

I agree that staring can get annoying but like 44 said, he may have just been spacing out. What if he wasn't even staring at her? He was a bit harsh in his response but she came off as a bitch as well.

Honestly it can be very creepy when people randomly look at you. This is a YDI for assuming .Judging by your username, I see that you have figured that out.

So umm.. Are we suppose to walk with our eyes closed then ?? It's when someone is clearly starring that's uncomfortable

I'm pretty sure he was just making sure you weren't a mugger :P

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I'm pretty sure the man was just staring because he can. He doesn't need a reason to stare.. If I wanted to check if someone was a mugger, I wouldn't stare at them....

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You cant say hi or make eye contact with some people without them thinking your hitting on them.

Yeah eye contact and a hi is one thing, but staring is not normal behavior people should assume is just being polite. I get stares from males and females all the time and it irritates me to the core. Take a picture.

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I highly doubt people stare at you as often as you claim unless you're doing something to purposely attract their attention. People won't sit and give one person all their attention without a good reason, excluding trolls their whole existence is reasonless.

People need to learn to ease up. I mean it is just a look. Egos need to be busted like this sometimes. Just because someone is looking in your direction doesn't mean they are eying you or wanting to be with you. Sometimes they are just... looking.

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I know sometimes I've caught myself zoning out, completely in my head thinking off in space, while staring at someone or something inappropriate.

Next time, try to stay on track and don't lose your train of thought. (:

#13, I can't even count how many times that has happened to me. Nothing's more embarrassing than realizing you have been staring at someone for around 5 minutes because you were zoning out and that the person you were staring at actually noticed

You handled your irritation at least as bitchily as he did. I feel like you were juat as wrong for assuming he wanted your crotchy regions and trying to embarrass him for it in public. YDI

YDI for assuming he was looking at you and calling him out for it. FYL for having to deal with such a rude asshole.

Well, which one did you want? For him to be less obvious about his staring or for him to stop?

Probably going to get downvoted for this, but I can sympathise with OP. Sometimes, especially if you've had a bad day, the feeling that someone is looking at you can just make you feel really uncomfortable, to the point that you just want to yell at the person and make them stop. OP should perhaps have been a little more delicate in her wording, but I can understand the frustration that could have prompted her to say it.