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Today, I parked in a "Disabled" space. A woman and her kids comes yelling at me about how I don't look disabled and I was just being selfish. I roll my pants up to reveal two prosthetic legs. She then yells at me that I should have warned her before showing my legs since it could scare her kids. FML
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A mother like that is enough to scare the kids.

Looks like she didn't have a leg to stand on.


Looks like she didn't have a leg to stand on.

Prosthetic legs are still legs, 24. Don't be so insensitive.

OK, that was a terrible pun, and I should go to hell for that. A girl I know has a brother who had his legs blown off after walking through mines in Afghanistan, and he has prosthetic legs. He now does Rowing in the Power Olympics.

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What's the Power Olympics? Never heard of that one. Does it involve batteries?

A mother like that is enough to scare the kids.

She's certainly enough to scare me. Poor kids, with any luck they'll recover from living with her, and grow into people with brains that realize people who have handicap plates usually are handicaped, since you can't just go to a convenience store and buy one.

As if lady. Those kids probably thought it was the coolest thing ever (if they were old enough to know what your prostheses were). Some people I tell ya...

The people who are quick to jump on people for "not seeming disabled" are usually not people you can expect to see rational reactions from.

My grandfather was a double amputee. One time a similar woman yelled at him because he was in a "wheelchair" spot and he didn't have a wheelchair. I knew all of the words that came out of his mouth but I'd never heard them said in the same sentence.

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I feel like I could form a sentence worthy, but it would get moderated.

Lol, am I the only one who realizes this FML is copied word for word from a previous one? Or the only one that notices stuff like that? XD

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I noticed that too. Wasn't sure if I was correct

You're definitely correct. I just read it the other day.

Hm... Is there a chance you saw it while moderating a few days ago? I haven't found a duplicate yet but if you do, please let me know!

You are apparently mistaken, as there is no other FML anything like that one. Recent or otherwise.

I think I found the FML you were talking about(as I also thought this FML reminded me of an older one). It is from the user ICanExplain from 06/22/2015 or 22/06/2015. Whilst the concepts are similar, there are some differences. The older one mentioned elderly couple with a 7 year old instead of just mother and child and the new one mentioned 2 prosthetic legs instead of one. So not a copy, just similar.

Probably a separate incident. This website is popular, and this is something that commonly happens to people with "invisible" disabilities.

Oh, so you went through every FML and didn't find the one that's practically the same? That's funny, I just read it the other day. So no, I'm not mistaken.

No, I'm positive that there is another FML that's almost exactly the same as this one. I just read it the other day. It's basically word for word.

There was one very similar of someone who had the same situation but instead threw her prosthetic arm at the person screaming at them

#56: "And that's why you always leave a note." aka I don't know which fml you're talking about, but Arrested Development makes everything better.

51, you do know there's a search feature... Right? And you do know what the phrase "word for word" means? I'm going to assume you don't know either of those things.

I read the one prosthetic story too. When I read this fml I thought the exact same, that it was a copy and pasted, but I was also thinking that maybe OP just posted it twice and one just finally got through and made its way in now. But it's 2 different stories, so that clears things up, I was confused.

Tell her you can put your foot in your mouth, but she does it so much better.

What business would it be of hers anyway? Some people need to learn to mind their own business.

I get angry when people park in a handicapped spot when they don't need it. My mother is blind, and as whomever is driving her needs to guide her everywhere, the farther she has to go through a parking lot, the likelier it is that she'll injure herself by tripping over bad terrain.

#15, The point is that you can't always tell who "really" needs it just by looking, despite what little like the lady in this FML seem to think.

It's not even about the person being health or not. I often park in disabled spots and I'm not disabled at all. If anyone ever gives me shit about it, I'll tell them to wait while I collect the wheelchair using relative I'm collecting. Yeah, it annoys me when people who aren't disabled use disabled spaces. But more often than not, the people who take it on themselves to do something about it are just morons hoping for a chance to be self-righteous.

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Wow.. I don't even know what to say.. I would have walked away from her