By Lizzie - United States - Rockford
Today, we had a get together for work at a restaurant I've never heard of. After spending all week trying to make a good impression on my new boss and co-workers, I showed up in a pair of shorts and a Star Wars T-Shirt. Turns out it was one of the fanciest restaurants in town. FML
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  depocadoll  |  15

I don't really understand how shorts and a Star Wars shirt would make a good impression, but why wouldn't you google the restaurant if you'd never heard of it?
Come on now...

  Danielle7994  |  18

Year 11, so true. Also, you're going to a restaurant with your BOSS. You could've dressed nicely, just to be on the safe side. Not only because it's professional, but also you said you're trying to impress your new boss and co-workers.

By  Jeffo193  |  13

If you've never heard of anything to do with work, always look it up. Be it a restaurant you're going to or a product your boss mentions. It could be extremely important. Also, when you're going to a company dinner surely it's just common sense to dress moderately well? I'm not saying go all out every time, but jeans and a shirt should be the minimum.

By  drewflav  |  17

If it's a work function, it's always a good idea to at least wear slacks and a collared shirt, if not shirt and tie (or equivalent attire for the ladies). It's better to overdress than to underdress. One can always remove a jacket or a tie but you'll be hard pressed to improve your appearance within minutes.

By  KareBear7364  |  5

Whenever you plan to go out with coworkers or a work function, ALWAYS dress up nicely. I Love Star Wars, but I mean, even Princess Leia let her hair down and dressed up for the Ewoks...

By  Michael_92  |  20

I don't see how this isn't ydi. If you want to impress people one of the first things to do is dress good. Didn't you Google the place to see what kind of restaurant it was?