Merde alors !

By Anonymous - 06/05/2011 19:16 - United Kingdom

Today, I went on a long overdue vacation to France with my husband and young daughter. As revenge for an earlier prank, my sister has apparently taught my daughter to swear profusely in French. FML
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Vas te faire encule pute says daughter! Translation F*** u b****

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no worries OP, now your daughter can get away with cursing in french at school. this is something we all should have been taught. ;)

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It seems that your sister is quite the cunning linguist.

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I don't think you're puckering your lips enough

lol what else could it be besides winning

ton réponse est vraiment intelligent. et oui je te parle en français pour ton confusion. anyways.

French fail. It's "ta", not "ton" and there's a "e" at "intelligent"

none of you know what you're talking about. what do they teach you guys in school? pathethique.

She's kinda lucky though: once she'll come back to the US people will adore her for speaking french, even if it's rude ( don't know where that adoration comes from btw) Mais putain de merde, les enfants de nos jours !

107 Google Translate shouldn't be your friend that much. It shows !

wow, va apprendre a parler français comme du monde avant d'écrire de la marde, osti de grosse truie! let's go try to translate this, you will see that google traduction isn't as good as you thought

112- grammare nahtzieh (thats how u say it in fronswah dont doubt me bitch)

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143, I'm pretty sure fronswah (sorry guys, I'm not sure how to spell it exactly...) is a name. I take Spanish, but "French" is francés in Spanish and I'm fairly sure it is very similar in French. I think it has one of those "ç" accents, right?

what kind of grown up teaches a young person to swear? completely irresponsible and inappropriate.

I appreciate that, yours is quite appealing as well

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hahahahaha that pic is funny!!!! to bad it wasn't my cat

wow it's prank and it's funny and it's sad how your incapable of comprehending that not everyone is a stuck up conservative bitch like you

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18- You shouldn't have dropped out of school.

I totally agree with 18! For real have a sense of humor!

18- I wanted to go all grammar Nazi on your ass, but I feel certain you are already a lost soul to stupidity.

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it's not that she has no humor, I agree it's inappropriate to teach children to swear, my dad taught my nephew to swear and now he thinks it's okay to swear at his grandfather and parents, an he disrespects them. so until you have children of your own and have to deal with them daily, you don't know what it's like. -_-

Can someone explain why #3 has so many thumbs down? I think he is completely right...

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yeah, but so funny, so who gives a dammn?! haahaahaahaa i think its HILARIOUS

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i agree with 18. learn how to have a sensee of humor!

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123 not really tell me how you would feel if a little kid swore at you and all you can do was take it I mean if you swear back ppl are going to say oh what's this adult/teenage doing arguing with this little child for? swearing is like one of those little steps where the kid turns into a brat that thinks their all tough because they can swear.

I find this funny and disrespectful. 128- I agree with you. if I had a young child I wouldnt want them to swear. I'm 12 and my mom doesn't even let me swear so 128- ur right

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Damn I don't understand why you received so many negative votes. I completely agree with you. When I read this, I imagined the girl to be no older than 10 but maybe that's just me. An adult should not be teaching a young kid like that to swear. Now if she was older then meh not so bad but it was implied to me that she's a youngster.

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I agree with #18 until the whole conservative stuck up bitch part

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rofl I mean look at 18 and 130 they can swear fine but can't spell for shit

it's in FRENCH. it's not like it really matters. you're a moron.

20- haha I speak french as my first language and I don't think i've ever heard anyone say that seriously :P

78 - I'm french, maybe it was still used in the 60's or by old people o/ Come on, all together children : Putain de merde! I hope OP's sister has learn "Vas te faire .." to her niece. Merde alors.

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Waiter: Et que puis-je t'amener jeune fille? Daughter: Des frites et un coca espèce de connard! Allez bouge ton cul!

I love how all the French swear are related to the church and all the English ones are related to sex. or stuff that comes out of your body

I'm French and bad words in French are not related to the Church...They are pretty much related to sexe :D

It's in Canada that the insults are related to religion.

Ostie de criss de tabarnack de calisse. Saint-ciboire de simonak. Greetings from Quebec :)

oh connard de ta race je te demande si ton salop de frère met des slips ou des caleçons ?!?

I'm French and I say "merde" between friends or in Family, it's less coloquial that "putain"* ( that we use fluently. It's like a interjection, but a coarse interjection) *but it's colloquial even though, we say not this in class, even less with the headteacher

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cool story and btw mods are ideuts

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i wanna **** you in the ass in the ass...!

Obscure referencing gold! Best. Ad. Ever.

hey dumb ass u couldn't **** a dead dog in the ass if u wanted to so **** off

53- It was funny. If you don't get it, don't comment on it. And I know you're trying to sound all cool with your profanity, but you sound like a drunk highschooler.

#53 - Herp ******* derp. At least Google stuff before you mouth off about it.

what was the point of this comment... trying to sound cool?

#91- I may be mistaken, there was a foreign ad campaign for an English-speaking program, and it featured a family that did not know English listening to that on the radio.

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hahaha that is kinda a good prank if you think about it and hey at least OPs daughter is learning an other language lol

Please. With the relations between France and Britain the way they are now, you would have met a few assholes anyway. DISCLAIMER: Mr. Ahhhhh does not hate the British or French. Mr. Ahhhhh knows that there are unfortunately assholes everywhere who would hate you just cause you're American, Indian, Martian, Merman, etc.

how do you know. if you read properly it's the sister of the op who taught the daughter the swear words.

Because behind every cute, little girl who swears in French is a great husband who offered his very own penis pudding to create such a delightful child.

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You should put this one on Vie de Merde, because your kid is probably already saying it.