By Anonymous - 31/01/2021 03:30

Today, I found one of my boyfriend's earbuds in the dryer. He's gonna be pissed. FML
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His fault for not checking his pockets.

He should have checked his pockets.


He should have checked his pockets.

His fault for not checking his pockets.

tounces7 27

Well, it's not the most complicated of electronic devices, perhaps it survived somehow.

Annies 17

Maybe he won’t be pissed at you specifically?

Yeah, where's the other one?

xxlk4xx 6

he needs to check his pockets before putting his clothes in the wash lol

Yummi_913 18

It'll be fine. My fiancé has put his through the wash more times than I can count and it still works perfectly. At least he's mature enough to know it's his fault and not mine. That's the real fml for you. It's his job to check his pockets, not yours.

ghostinflames 13

I always find the same things over and over and over again.. tool bits and earbuds. Heaven forbide he clean his pockets.🤣

mando 10

I guess that's all he has to offer lol

Nhayaa 21

Well if he get pissed tell him he's a grown man and he can make his own laundry.