Make it rain

By howler - 15/02/2011 06:44 - United States

Today, my mother walked in on me rubbing $400 in $20 bills all over myself. FML
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lol. Next time you want to do something weird, lock the door.

You cheep bastard


You cheep bastard

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cash is dirty hello herps

takeapieandrun 9

He's not cheap just because he rubs money all over himself... for all we know he could have bought a Ferrari instead of a bike.

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C'mon guys... We ALL have done that or wanted to do it ONCE in our lives...

If you have the money, why be embarrassed? Your mum's just jealous she doesn't have the dough.

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#32 I've only rolled money

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Were you naked?

Takador 3

#110 if he wasnt naked, this wouldnt be an FML

You are allowed to do this if you: a) strike it rich on the stock market all of a sudden; b) discover gold or oil on your property or; c) win the lottery. Unless you fall into one of those categories you're just a douche.

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Dafuq did I just read??


*cheap. How come nobody realized this before?

OP is rubbing 20 notes over themselves where is the Ferrari I can get for that?

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how exciting

respect for the greatest people ever. I don't know about you, but I'm sure proud to know that guys like this will be the future of our generation.

What the fuck??? Why are u rubbing urself with money? Materialism 2 much? Seriously dude there is sumthing wrong here, or were you trying to get rid of aids after u watched southpark? I feel 100per cent hiv-positive about that :p

...and why exactly were we going this?

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Because he has a money fetish

it's not like he was licking the money or beatin the meat with his dough. lay off the gay. and OP this isn't even an FML WTF! I think you posted this just to show off your money. with our shitty economy most people don't have an extra $400 to spend. so stop posting bogus fmls.

Because he wants to be Scrooge McDuck

WTF? why was my comment moderated. stupid moderators. I didn't even say a fuckin bad thing. docbastard and others have said worse and haven't gotten modded! (not hatin) fuckin fag mod

lol. Next time you want to do something weird, lock the door.

nice one lol FYL

Nice cleavage. ;)

#6- Your boobs go IN your shirt -_-

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show me the monayyyy

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I prefer show me the monaaaaaaay

I prefer mmoooooooooonay

I prefer cash

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I went to the Louvre and shouted, "Show me the Monet!"

should use one to light a cigar

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I also wanna give a shoutout to Sirin. Best mod ever. Like for seriously.

Had you earned them the old fashioned way? Stripping?

he must be really good to earn 20's as a stripper.

Lets be honest. That was less weird than the fact you were naked and sporting a hard on.

Nah, being naked and having a hard on is normal. Rubbing money on yourself, ehhh, not normal, but has been done before.

But rubbing money all over yourself while naked and sporting a hard on... not so normal. Especially if he was using it to assist in self pleasure.

ouch a paper cut down there... I'd prefer 200 cuts in the webbing of my hands and feet than 1 in that area