By moodyreallyrocks - 03/10/2011 13:05 - United States

Today, while at work being a waitress, this lady came in and requested to sit in the section I was waitressing. She held up a $100 bill and told me that if I was attentive to her needs, she would leave me a $100 tip. Excited, I waited on her hand and foot. She dined and dashed. FML
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moodyreallyrocks tells us more.

This is OP. I would just like to say that, it wasn't the fact that I didn't get the tip that she promised that made me sad. It was the fact that, I had the cost of her meal, deducted from my cheque that made me sad..

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Omfgitsmia 15

What a bitch lol

And that's how you can get better service at a restaurant/fast-food.


Omfgitsmia 15

What a bitch lol

someone needs to slap that bitc...

imcutefml 0

My words exactly

iamaleccarlson 0

Who's the retard that fell for it

No one finds out the person is going to do a dine-and-dash unril it's to late, #15, retard...

iamaleccarlson 0

Nobody will get a 100 tip for no reason retard

From now on, always force your costumer to give you the 100$ when they first sit down.

Don't worry OP, we will find the person that did this. And they will pay. Nobody dines and dashes on my watch!

#20, they actually do. i used to be a waiter, and a guy gave my friend a $100 bill and told him to keep the change. so before you jump to conclusions, just remember there are actually nice people in this world.

Garytt 0

I'm going to do that :D

ikickgingers 15

20 - is that a Bieber wig???? I used to bartend it does happen.

i wish i had the balls to do something like that. I don't have balls at all :/

Is OP sure it was a lady? Because she sure had some balls to do this...

The_Troller 14

Well considering your profile says "miss" I would hope you dont have any...

25shark 5

Not really

I'm with 20 on this one.

icefshng8 9

No kidding me too. I'm with 20. Although some people may leave big tips, no one tells the person beforehand. It seems fishy, and it sucks, and I would have tried really hard to please that customer. But it wouldn't be unexpected.

20 retard is an offensive word

108 have you seen that commercial where all the different ethnicities go on and say "it's not ok to call me a nigger" "it's not ok to call me a spik" and so on and then at the end they have some retarded chick say the same thing about the word "retard"? I like that commercial.

tjv3 10

well wait for her to come back and then beat the ever loving shite out of her

marpay 11

The people who say they tip good are always the worst tippers. A $100 tip depending on where you work might just be 20-30%. Not sure where op works but in nice restaurants you can make a lot of money as a waiter/ress.

I hope you said "see you next tuesday"

Garytt 0

Why ppl hating #22? D:

I have never been sure why people tip at restaurants anyways. Nobody else in the world gets tips for doing a good job. Waiter's and waitresses get paid an hourly wage just like the rest of society. but yet they still somehow find excuses to bitch about it if they don't get a tip. Just my honest opinion there.

Is the a word that would not be offensive? An F on a report card is offensive. Get over it.

Princess_D33 9

-136 You've clearly never worked at an American restaurant. I earn $2.25 an hour, and even if I worked 40 hours a week, that amounts to $360 a month BEFORE taxes. That is not a livable income! If you receive favourable service, it is socially expected that you leave gratuity. If you do not want to be served, go to a buffet and get your food your own damn self.

Why all the thumbs down? I agree with him. While it's not the smartest thing you can do, I know damn well I couldn't have thought of it.

Youadoreme69 4

I am a waitress and my hourly wage is 2.35 an hour. In WI minimum wage for a waitress is 2.33.

No she is pretty dumb

Llama_Face89 33

Waiters and waitresses don't get paid much at all...out of the people i know who do this the person who gets paid the MOST makes $3.00 an hour. after tips, however, they make slightly more than I do and I'm being paid $10.93 an hour. THAT is why waiting staff gets tips.

Unless the waiter/waitress lives in Oregon. Here by law you get paid minimum wage plus tips. I don't know of any state that is the same as us. Which is why I don't tip very high when I go out. Maybe 10% - 15%

There was a guy a few years ago who tipped a waitress a new car. No lie. I was like....D: I want a new car. Lol

hmm well in Canada... we have this thing called minimum wage and yes it is more than 3.00$ an hour. it's over 10$. but if you don't like your pay as a waitress you are more than welcome to quit and find another job.

It's because waitresses and waiters usually don't get paid for shit

At first, I was mad at what a complete jerk you are. Then I started laughing at how much waiter feces you eat a year. As someone who waited tables through high school and college, I can tell you, with no uncertainty, that were you to ever return to a restaurant, after coming in once with that attitude, the oh so tasty meal that you ate, maybe gave to your children was laced with something unspeakable. It's not a good idea to screw around with the last hands that touch your food before you eat it. Oh yeah, and rent Reservoir Dogs.

don't worry about me. i have never ate the sane restaurant twice. true story

don't worry about me. i have never ate the sane restaurant twice. true story

136's comment reminded me of Mr. Pink's argument in Reservoir Dogs.

free2speak 14

TROLL ALERT! Dear FML community, It is with great regret that we must inform you that a troll has infected this thread. For reference purposes, this troll can be identified as the author of comment number 136 and with characteristic douche bag traits, which include a self taken portrait with an iPhone along with a bare chest. We, kindly, ask all members to not feed the troll as its power lies in the amount of feedback it receives. This has been a public service announcement. Sincerely, The Internet.

California is the same. and everywhere if tips don't reach minimum wage employer has to make up difference

LilliPage 17

Waiters and waitresses get paid a waitress wage here in America. I'm not sure how much it is, but i know it is lower than minimum wage.

icefshng8 9

In Canada u get paid minimum (9.40) plus tips. I always tip a little, but not tons.

yeah they also get paid less an hour than any where else in the world

might as well just be a tutor. $30 an hour.

Clearly, Americans need to change their system. $2/hour in a country like the USA is rubbish. You do have a democracy. If you don't like something, do something about it. That's what we do in Canada.

StamkosTheMan91 10

They make like $2-$4 an hour bro. Tips are what they live off off. And trust me, being a waiter? I appreciate ANY tip I earn.

lukep135 6

This makes me want to smack that bitch

And that's how you can get better service at a restaurant/fast-food.

Yep. And that's how you are supposed to do your job anyway, OP :P

tylersign 11

That lady should write a book.

icefshng8 9

Why did 14 get thumbed down? It's true. Just because someone can't afford as good a tip, doesn't mean they shouldnt be treated differently. It's unethical. ALWAYS give 100%

103 the goal in business is to give the least that you can and still get the most profit possible.

That doesn't make much sense. If you do the least then you won't get much repeat customer. Which means less money dummy.

icefshng8 9

Cause doing the least obviously gets you the best income. Duh *sarcasm font*

This is OP. I would just like to say that, it wasn't the fact that I didn't get the tip that she promised that made me sad. It was the fact that, I had the cost of her meal, deducted from my cheque that made me sad..

OP, I know this is old, but you should know that it's illegal in KY for them to take that out of your check

sammie2new 17

As a waitress I understand that pain. Checks are small enough as it is ?

she is pretty smart

If its too good to be true then it probably is. I hope they feel guilty

I doubt it. I mean, she is one brutal thief.

btstig 11

I'll tell you one thing she isn't feeling right now. HUNGRY!! HAHA.

KiddNYC1O 20

Okay Hulk.

That's not the best way to judge who to trust or not lol.. I'll wait for the day a child or an annorexic person screws you over. :D The child will probably come first. Be on the lookout.

YES!!!!!! I'm anorexic so that means I'm trusted by someone :)

Are you a waiter or waitress? Maybe all the gender confusion made her run away.

Ouch, I did that once for a 50, with the same outcome. I feel your pain!

yamatelle 19

His hot what? It's not nice to leave us hanging like that. :D

RebekahBrooke 9

his hot what? ohhh gawsh darn ya beat me to it.

mikeeg 0

No she is ^^^

that hella sucks.. it's hard to waitress.

FYL, sorry op, that just sucks:)

You should of watched her like a falcon, then when she got up and started to leave you could have pounced on her and dug your talons into her fleshy hips ! MUHAHA >:D

icefshng8 9

If she was a good waitress, paying special attention to this customer, looking for signs of content or discontent, I'm surprised she got away under OPs not-so-watchful eye

Dude, all it takes is one trip to the kitchen to pick up an order for someone to vanish without being seen. It does not show any neglect on OP's part. Chances are that she had to wait on other tables at the same time