Major annoyance

By E.B. - 27/06/2014 00:07 - United States - Grenada

Today, I'm a college student working at Dollar Tree. The signs hanging every 10 ft, plastered on every box, every wall, every corner, say "Everything's $1." Someone asked me how much something was, because there was no price tag. This happens multiple times a day. FML
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jazmin3012 28

Some people just can't read.

Offer to sell them a brain.


abbii_7 8


Really? You said that?

Akumie 6

Much dollar So read Very no price tag Wooww

lol why did so many people dislike this? i really have no idea

jazmin3012 28

Some people just can't read.

And also lack common sense

AnOriginalName 19

To be fair, not everything at those dollar stores is exactly a dollar. Asking about a price is an alright question to ask.

but... signs already answer that

badluckalex 23

not all dollar stores have those signs. there could be tax or some items that are cheaper than one dollar

Yeah, stuff is rarely more than a dollar, but the cheaper stuff is often 2 or 3 for a dollar.

But #20, anything that's more or less than a dollar would have a price on it. If there's no price tag, that means its one dollar. That's how it works where I live, anyway. So asking for a price is still pretty dumb.

RedPillSucks 31

Maybe people just don't believe that everything is a dollar and think there's a catch of some sort. Like stores that advertise one price but the fine print indicates you have to have a store card to get that price.

@44 so I rip a price tag off a $10 item then it automatically becomes $1. Nice!

fooltemptress 36

44 - at every Dollar Tree I've been in, nothing has a price tag physically on the item but many items are $0.59 or two or three for a dollar. The only place the price is listed for those items is on the shelf where they're usually stocked. If someone finds one of these items elsewhere throughout the store, such as is the case when customers stash things they no longer want or if an employee restocks the item in the wrong location, the only way to know how much the item is is to hunt for it yourself elsewhere in the store or ask an employee about it.

#20 it wasn't a dollar store it was a dollar tree and at dollar trees everything's $1 or under

knoxxx 22

The Dollar Tree is not just any dollar store. The Dollar Tree always has the $1 signs plastered everywhere, and when something isn't exactly $1, it's clearly labelled.

Well at my dollar tree, I think there's about 5 different items for $1. Everything else is higher then that. Asking the price of something is what I typically would do as I don't assume anything in this world anymore.

#20 though I agree, I would like to say that it kind of depends on the store tax included. Like Dollar General doesn't have a lot for at least $1 whereas Dollar Tree does (at least from what I've seen).

I think that most people that do this actually just do it to see if they can get a reaction out of the employee. Some people find that kind of stuff funny..

Certain dollar store are actually everything for a dollar. While places like Dollar General are "a dollar in general"

inner_peace 19

It seems as though people don't know how to read.

Your picture looks so surprised, almost as if he's shocked by the news.

It's easy to miss the obvious sometimes. Happens to the best of us.

ok this is ridiculous. .....why is this comment dislikes so much? is makes since to me lol

Why does this comment have so many thumbs down when the comment above it is almost the same and has 79 thumbs up?

#131 it's for the exact reason you stated. Someone copied a comment that has already been said and been noticed, it's begging for the likes

Offer to sell them a brain.

Well there wasn't a price tag...and all the signs threw me off!

I mean, I'm just not sure. Is it one dollar, tax included, or a dollar plus tax? I walked in here looking for a brain for my scarecrow friend and all he gave me was a crumpled up one and less change than the Obama presidency.

61, I like the way you think.

Many people need brains.

Seems like some people are just to lazy to even bother reading them..

We sell a cure for that, but first, you gotta guess how much we charge for it. I'll post hints every ten feet all over the store.

Well assumptions is the mother if all evil... Maybe that's why they're asking

I thought assumptions was the mother of all fuckups? Under Siege II: Dark Territory.

yzzami 17

Theres a dollar store in my old town, most the stuff was a buck. But there were some items that were 2 or 3 dollars

Is this what the world has come to? Do they expect to pay more?

Some people just want to get punched in the face.

my pound store has signs on every wall saying every thing's a pound but I bought a set of drawers which were 5.99£ it didn't have a price on it I had to ask someone. so, yeah It happens, sometimes not everything is a pound so to speak.

MrBoredomioo 18

Then the store wouldn't say "Everything's £1" they'd say "Most Items £1" wouldn't they?

people these days *smh*

iLike2Teabag 27

You're 15 and have no idea what people were like in previous days. You don't get to say that. In fact, nobody should say that.

But she's thatchick. It's almost necessary for something like this to happen.

i strongly disagree. I saw someone wearing their pants backwards and i said just that lol

Rainhawk94 27

#9 got tea bagged

Everything is $1 apart from that cake there that's $20 why? It's Madeira cake!

Rainhawk94 27

....oh yea?

Hpixiee 23

I have been to a few dollar stores that had things like $10 and under, but really if there are signs everywhere saying that everything is $1 they are REALLY oblivious to their surroundings

Family Dollar doesn't count.

Dollar Tree does it too.

itschels22 6

He said he worked at dollar tree in the post . lol

Well, the ones in Chicago do it.