By taylorgo - United States
Today, I quit my job because my company wouldn't give me the raise I've been asking for for 2 years. I just saw the ad on Craigslist for my replacement position. The starting salary is above what I was asking for. FML
taylorgo tells us more :
Hey all - Thanks for the comments... I did have another job before quitting and I did give my 2 week notice. I'm not stupid in this kind of economy. When giving my 2 week notice, my boss offered to match my current salary and I denied it. I then saw the craigslist posting for more money after I already denied what my boss tried to match for me since I felt it was too late and my new job paid way more. Therefore the uneducated, stupid, and not doing well at my job part doesn't apply. However the undervalued, stupid boss does. :)
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Yeah i know! You should have taken what you got in this economy OP. It doesn't sound like you really deserve the raise anyway, and the firm probably wasn't offering many raises (since inflation is really low) and only to employees that completely deserve them.

By  hkguy  |  0

Guess your boss was celebrating when you quit. Took you 2 years to get the message he didn't like what you're doing.

Walk away.

And try to do a better job for your new boss ...

By  cutebebe778  |  0

#4 -- I don't think so. He wouldn't be working there for 2+ years if he was that bad of an employee. His boss is probably just a huge ass.

OP, I say you trick them into thinking someones interested in the position, while keeping yourself anonymous..and then before the interview say that you're not interested anymore cause you heard the employees working there aren't treated very well. Lol just a suggestion

  your_face  |  15

Not necessarily true.. Sometimes the boss's hands are tied and he can't fire a certain employee, in some cases even if the employee is terrible. I've heard - no offense to anyone - minorities are hard to fire.

  hkguy  |  0

22 - totally agree - and I'm not just a boss but an employer - firing people is really hard, 90% of the time you keep them on until they leave. If it was readvertised at a much lower salary I'd say the boss is a jerk and a wimp, but at the same or higher salary, he's certainly just trying to get his work done.

Hiring and training someone new is a huge hassle, whatever experience they have elsewhere is never what they need in your own company, so there's no way he'd let her go if she was anywhere near doing what he wanted her to do.

Fact that the boss was already advertising for the replacement shows the work needs to be done - and the higher salary shows the budget was there all along, if the OP had done what was required she'd have got more salary, more reponsibility, etc etc