Stranger danger

By Dani - 12/01/2012 10:35 - Australia

Today, I happened to make eye contact with a stranger standing on a balcony of the apartment building across the train tracks from mine. He ran his finger across his neck like a knife and winked at me. I'm afraid to go out again. FML
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You should have blown him a kiss and started running in circles. That way HE would be the one scared to go out.

Probably just messing with you


CoolRainbowdash 15

Thats scary

Carry a pistol. permits are cheap and well worth it. But make sure you learn to shoot before you pack!

Anybody want some cock flavored soup? (I'm totally serious)

MrBoredGuy 1

They're cheap? No they're actually quite expensive, for a pistol permit AND a concealed carry permit plus an actual pistol, that's a lot of dough

Oh hey, it's just Freddy Krueger

rofflewaffle 9

Sounds like OP was on *sunglasses* the wrong side of the tracks. YEEEEEEEAAAAAAHHHHHHH

1-800-GO-UHAUL. Use it before its too late.

lebronesque73091 12

It doesn't sound scary the way you described it.

*looks at 80 and runs fingers across neck like a knief, while yelling, "I'm gonna fucking kill you, bitch!!"* Does it sound scary now, 80?

SkateBoarding 4

Did u ever notice that everybody's fmls are from australia

I paid 135 for lifetime conceal carry and 500 for a springfield xd. not that expensive

That was meant to 50 fyi

Good plan except it's illegal to own a gun in Australia unless you live on a rural property. I'd move house if I was OP

98- I am on fml mobile and it doesn't show where the posting was from. I was unaware of the laws there as well. Basing my comments off personal experiance in Indiana (US).

he probably just wants to tickle your neck, that's all(: lol

Not "everybody's" but yeah, I feel like a majority of them are from Australia and the UK. I guess they just encounter a lot of fucked up shit.

Probably just messing with you

I would still take as a threat.

#2 is right, the guy was just trying to play. Aussies would call this game "knivesies - necksies" or something of the like. Nothing to worry about really.

Or maybe OP was wearing a really nice necklace and the stranger has a really weird way of complementing people?

I'd probably crap myself...oh wait I do that anyway

^wow my brother was on my account and wrote that -_-

Final last words.

I think you mean famous not final, 76.

I think you mean famous not final, 76.

lebronesque73091 12

LOL @ #56

Well most last words are pretty final

seximexi911 10

I'm pretty sure I wouldn't know how to take that.

I would get a knife and do it back instead of using a finger and doing it like a pussy would. (the second part sounds a little weird, I know)

Don't make it weird, just handle it like anyone else would: Bend over and spank your own ass at him, alerting him that you are ready to copulate via the backdoor.

I think he wants to tickle your neck :D. You know...just with a knife

You should have blown him a kiss and started running in circles. That way HE would be the one scared to go out.

what such a perfect picture for this FML lol^

would totally do that

Didn't recognize you there Doc.

SecretMe00 5

Uh no... OP can just say (s)he did and not. Actually OP should inform the proper authorities.

ErinBeam 1

That's creepy, but don't let his gesture keep you from enjoying your balcony.

perdix 29

You ought to whip out your Crocodile Dundee knife and say, "That's not a knife -- this is a knife!" And make sure you carry a gun, in case all Aussies have knives like that.

All of us Aussies do have knives like that...

Ah Crocodile Dundee, who has forever stereotyped us Australians. Gotta love it!

kickuwithmyfist 1

Ooo looks like someone has a hot date =D

SupaHotFire 4

Maybe his neck was sweating and he got something in his eye...or he's a creeper who likes to scare people

Still better than him pointing at his ass then making thrusting gestures.

No it's not!! Rather raped than killed!!!/: