Let me Slytherin

By Wisconsin love - 13/12/2010 17:35 - United States

Today, my boyfriend thought it would be funny to speak Parseltongue to my vagina to "prepare the Chamber of Secrets for entry". FML
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lil_miss_blair 0

don't complain, your boyfriend rocks.

After that, did he conjure up an ****** with his "magic wand"?


Hayman68 4

You are a horrible speller. It is actually spelled w-i-n.

they say epic fail but for me it's a EPIC WIN!!

Lol...I think your bf rocks! Lighten up and enjoy!

win actually :) I was listing to the Harry Potter soundtrack while reading this :3

TheZarola 10

132; I cringed and forgot my witty remark. Thanks.

It wasn't just funny, but very enjoyable as well. Especially since it's been a long time since I got any.

yazmi_09 3

lmao this is the funniest thing I've ever read

holy shitballs its voldermort !!! :D

lil_miss_blair 0

don't complain, your boyfriend rocks.

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#3- being accepted to be a playboy model isn't exactly something to be happy about...

I'm not complaining that she got accepted

Deep within your ovary your brood of ovules wait for him. The chosen one.

After that, did he conjure up an ****** with his "magic wand"?

Of course not! I entered with my Basilisk.

lil_miss_blair 0

omg these comments are too funny

yazmi_09 3

win for #5 and mega win for the dark lord! I just hope fawkes didn't gouge out the eyes of the dark lords basilisk though :0

Nah, when Fawkes saw that my Basilisk had only one eye, he was afraid to get anywhere near it.

Karnezar 2

He stuck his magic wand into her chamber of secrets, broke her horcrux, and then pulled out, releasing his polyjuice potion on her.

scarred_cutter 0

Your boyfriend sounds amazing! Cherish him!

For those of you making fun of the bf, stop in your tracks. It was me. :)

I love how ur profile pic is a Harry potter character XD

I love that u have no idea why you're talking about because you said "a Harry potter character" instead of Voldemort u f*cking suck at life cuz u talk about shit you have no idea about

spanelli 16

Apparently you don't either. Learn to spell, idiot.

He sucks at life because he doesn't know who Voldemort is?

mintcar 9

95, you're an idiot. He recognized the character but couldn't remember the name. Is that a crime?!

I know, 95 recognizes the English language but can't spell it.

blondieXoXoXo 0

wow people have very different conversations on here ha ha it's so funny!!

yazmi_09 3

I hope you didn't hurt her because the dark lord is merciful to those who are loyal

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harrypotterfinat 0

I'd love it if my guy did that to me ;)

Pshh. Plz 119, did you see how he treated Bellatrix? The minute the chamber was open he probably sent his basilisk inside to make its home without regard to how the chamber felt.

OMG, that's so awesome, if you don't want him as your boyfriend anymore I sure as hell do :D

Are you girls sure about that? All righty then, I'll visit each of you tonight. :)

No Bieberfan deserves such an awesome boyfriend.

Damn #9, you beat me to it! ;) I mean, aside from it being funny, OP's boyfriend speaks Parseltongue? That sounds pretty sexy >.>

Get in line Tancaliel, DahkLohd is visiting me first!

I think it speaks volumes abt the op's private parts ;X must have smelt like a basilisk's breath .

Doortje & Tancaliel.... You BOTH are wrong!!!!! Dahk Lohd will be visiting ME first.....

It does sound pretty sexy! Only a certain amount of people know how to speak it!!;)

bconner028 0

Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha that is so great

yazmi_09 3

did Fawkes gouge out the eyes of you basilisk? :0

yazmi_09 3

did Fawkes gouge out the eyes of your basilisk? :0