By IHateDumbExs - 21/01/2011 17:15 - United States

Today, my ex boyfriend apologized for being a jerk to me and threatening our relationship. When he was done, he asked if his apology earned him enough points for a blowjob. FML
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Haha he didn't come to see me, he came to where I was volunteering to pick up his little sister. He just saw me in passing and asked. And no, his apology was definitely not worth a *******.

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This comment earns me enough points for a *******. I expect you at my house in an hour. Don't be late.


no? really? you are the first dog that I have ever seen that points out the obvious...

I agree! He is using you! They always say make up sex is the best!

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"75 more least!"

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aww poor 48 haha you better do things worth double points then

lol i live in vancouver too we didnt get a summer :(

Ng??Umm I don't get the Vancouver thing.... Can u explain it??

This comment earns me enough points for a *******. I expect you at my house in an hour. Don't be late.

You work with a points system? That's genius! Please, tell me more. How many points are needed for tossing the salad, for instance?

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That requires a lot of "brainstorming".

Nice cross-FML reference. 20 points to you.

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Hahahaha. I mean DUMP HIM, he's an ass. DUMP HIM!

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Notice OP said 'ex' boyfriend. I take it the dumping already occurred.

she better have given him head i woulda broke up with her if she didn't

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I assume that you broke up with home after he asked that question, or it wouldn't be "ex" boyfriend. So, did it earn him enough points for a *******?

why are you still associating with him if he's your ex boyfriend and he's a jerk? Just cut him out of your life, problem solved.

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He is a total ASSHOLE. Dump his pathetic little idiot self and move on past him. He is using you like no other, and he only wants to pleasure himself one way or another. If you don't do it for him, someone else will. He doesn't need you for anything other than a toy. Dump him. Now.

As the FML says 'ex', I'm going to guess she did so at some point (or visa versa).

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You have a point, but he is still a jerk. She may have done things with him in the past, but he still shouldn't be that cruel.

I didn't say he wasn't. Well, unless he was joking.

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ydi for not pleasing him or cooking good food