By ...loud noises...urgh... - 02/11/2011 16:39 - United Kingdom

Today, I have my first university lecture on lab safety. Having gone out the night before with my house-mates, I have the worst hangover of my life, and have to listen for an hour and a half while they loudly demonstrate the types of alarms we'll hear in different kinds of emergencies. FML
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FYLDeep 25

No one's going to feel bad about your self-inflicted woes.


XenaWP 6

Ydi. Yep, go out drinking and have a big one by all means- but not prior to the first lecture..

Sack it up OP and quit your bitching; I went out last night and got up for 7 hours of vet school classes, I simply do not feel sorry for you at all

tjv3 10

you have to pay if you want to play ... lol

The great part of University, at least in the states, is you can just leave if you want to.

Yeah, great policy, pay thousands of pounds for a uni course and don't go to stuff... Also, safety briefings are usually compulsory and therefore attendance would be marked.

SemperFi_23 6

University classes starting in November? Never heard of such a thing.

drewfus2 6

Honey Badger don't give a shit!

The first day of lab class is totally skippable; they just go over the rules and don't assign/preform any lab. I always skip the first day of labs when I used to have Chem and Physics.

bfsd42 20

That's what it means to be a fresher. Get drunk and figure out how to pass classes without participating.

first! ! :) and my first first. you should of known not to drink a night b4 a school night

I bet next time you won't drink when u have something to do the next day

ToastedMuFFins 2

So why would you ever drink there is always something to do the next day

melikeyturtles 3

Clearly #5 means something important to do, like a test or presentation.

Maybe is OP is lucky she'll even get to do emergency evacuation!

Going to a safety lecture is hardly brain intensive, op was complaining about the loud noises, not the work itself.

Would u rather try and get ready for a tornado when the fire alarm is going off? Ur in pain but you'll b dead if u don't listen

Apparently you did not listen during English class.

They always vote down the logical comments.

Why would she be getting ready for a tornado..? We don't get those in York.

This alarm means "Put your head between your legs and kiss your ass goodbye!"

zuzupetalsYO 11

This alarm means, " OP's an alcoholic".

coolstorybabe 0

Life isn't being wasted when you're getting wasted

There is nothing wrong with getting wasted I bet your one of those anti everything I don't do people

Woke up today and all I could say is umm....

chickenwalrus 14

although important, lab safety is ******* boring. i thought my lab safety unit was bad...

FYLDeep 25

No one's going to feel bad about your self-inflicted woes.