By hopelessteej - 28/01/2013 13:55 - Australia - Sydney

Today, someone put a whole packet of glitter on the blades of my ceiling fan. Too bad I only noticed when I turned it on. FML
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Yes, now OP looks like a fairy. He should be happy.

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Not magical at all lol. Glitter is the herpes of arts and crafts. OP is always gonna have traces of glitter in his room.

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At least it wasn't chili powder!

Anyone ever try to Hoover glitter? Just does not work if its carpet

That just sounds amazing. Now I know how to annoy all of my friends and co-workers.

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Ever gotten glitter in your eye? Sounds terrible.

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LOL, "herpes of arts and crafts" gonna remember that one.

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I was about to say, "No, this is Kesha" but then I realized that OP is a male. Still could be Kesha. I can't say I know for sure if Kesha belongs in the female category.

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I was thinking Rihanna. You know when OP turns the fan on and glitter falls he can sing "Shine bright like a diamond".

**** all for down votes. My name is actually Patrick

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86-Or glitter in the air by pink..

Maybe I'm just a tad bit morbid, Doc, but I just imagined that Edward was cut up by the fan and the pieces of his body were magically glowing like glitter.

That's not morbid, 119. It's a great idea for the next book in the series (or maybe a fanfic).

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Not a fan of sparkling, eh? You wouldn't make a good Edward Cullen. EDIT: Too fast for me, Doc.

Hey but girls are a big fan of sparkles. I see OP getting lucky in his sparkly future.

Good thinking #44, unicorns are instant panty droppers.

And sherbet shitters...mmmmmm, sherbet...

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Well, I think it's funny. Sounds like this prank went over your head.

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What a way to start your day! All that glitter would make me feel like a princess :3

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Hopefully no one thinks you're a twilight character.

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You should check your ceiling fan more often.

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Who checks their ceiling fan?

yeah like I'm gona go and be like *sniff sniff*....I smell a fan prank

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did we forget about sarcasm, my friends?

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It could be just me, but that my friend did not sound like sarcasm.

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didnt know you could hear words on paper. for all you know, it very well could have been sarcasm.

I wasn't aware the Internet was paper.

Maybe 94 prints off fmls to read else where? And maybe that comment was sent in via snail mail? Yeah I got nothing.

You dont have have to hear it to know its sarcasms or not. Its very clear that the comment above was not sarcasm just by how its written.

Yeah I think it's stupidity rather than sarcasm. It would be a damn weird thing to say sarcastically.

Good prank though, now you have an excuse to prank back. Savour that opportunity.