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Today, my best friend went in for her scheduled mammogram, and I sent her a text saying, "How're your boobies?" It was only after I sent it that I realized I'd sent it to my history professor. FML
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My question is why you have your history professors number in the first place.

IworkAt711 14

What was the reply?


evan_7899 28

In sure your prof would like to hear about yours though

Plot twist: OP is a guy. Double plot twist: Professor is interested in moobs. Triple plot twist: This entire scenario is the script to M.Night Shyamalan's new movie! PS: At the time of creation of this comment, the OP has yet to announce his gender.

evan_7899 28

Welk I assumed since OP used such a blunt term that they were both ladies and I hardly belive said friend would share such a thing with a man

evan_7899 28

Wow that must be a fml record, my post was so quickly buried that I mustve set some kind of record

caohm 18

come on you could have done better that. I can hear the thumb downs coming from miles away.

evan_7899 28

indeed I could, yet this is my first first post and my wits flew out the window

Redoxx_fml 22

10-sounds too good for an m night shymalan movie

IworkAt711 14

27-Then don't post.

evan_7899 28

#30, I took a shot at it, don't get pissed but I took the risk and the evident came through

unknown_user5566 26

27- Your first post? According to your profile, you have 86 comments. Nice try, though.

evan_7899 28

#33, please read before making ignorant comments, I stated my first, first post

Ugh, for the love of god, everyone just leave off! It's not a huge deal. *stalks off muttering*

evan_7899 28

welshite I've always wondered, what is that in your profile pic?

unknown_user5566 26

36- Indeed you did. My apologies, then.

evan_7899 28

No worries :)

euphoricness 28

This thread has given me the meaning of friendship

Someone please shoot me in the face. #1, the only thing worse than a poor #1 is following it with a pile of moany explanatory or defensive comments... Have some class.

evan_7899 28

None were defensive, just explanatory I agree it was a bad first comment but live with it

Llama_Face89 33

39- It's the mineral welshite. XD

Half of the replies to this are #1's.

Stop trying to defend your comments! Don't you realize after they're all down voted that you should stop talking? Don't take offence, but seriously, stop.

@71 I'm sorry about you're helpers or sidekicks or whatever you want to call them

Oops I meant your not you're!

GemmaStyles 14

How hard would it have been just checking who you were sending it to?

Many people make this mistake. There are countless posts on this site about sending texts or pictures to the wrong person. It's just unbelievable.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

I know when I send a particularly raunchy picture I'll triple check to make sure I sent it to the right person. I'm guilty of slipping up on some texts but they're never too bad like the situation OP's in.

How hard would it have been for someone to watch where they were going, not multi-task, think before s/he spoke, etc. Many FMLs pertain to one's frustration about f*cking up some menial task or activity.

graceinsheepwear 33

Regular pic--check once Raunchy pic--check twice Particularly raunchy pic--THINK twice

TrinityNevada 11

Maybe OP hit "reply" to an older text and accidentally highlighted his/her prof by accident instead of her friend. It wouldn't have been a big deal if OP had texted "Are we going to The Silver Shamrock tonight?" b/c that would have warranted nothing more than an "oops, meant to text my friend". OP hopefully texted prof (or better yet, CALLED prof) to apologize and explain the situation. Hopefully prof won't take disciplinary action.

I'm sure everyone has sent a message/text to the wrong person at one point or another. It's that first screw up (hopeful not too damaging) that makes you extra cautious the next time. Also I don't know if anyone else has this same problem but a few times that I've PMed someone on FML using Safari-- the accounts sometimes overlap its names and I've sent a message to the wrong person. It happens!

Is anyone else wondering why OP has their professor's cell number?

Most likely just I case they need help. Some give their email and others their phone number.

IworkAt711 14

What was the reply?

OP better deliver.

Hopefully the reply wasn't... Just hanging.

I've enough FMLs concerning sending messages to the wrong people to double check I am always sending them to the right person lol

or "feeling a little low..."

My question is why you have your history professors number in the first place.

evan_7899 28


i have some teachers' numbers because hey want us to call/text when we'll be out.

Professors just wanna have fun.

Maybe she needed to ask questions through texts and never really deleted him off.

most professors give students their number, so that if the student is going to be late or absent the student can give the professor a heads up.

Xquisite1 28

This isn't a high school teacher, that has given their cell number out to the students. As a COLLEGE student I find this to be completely normal. My professors have their email & cell info included in the course syllabus that's given out at the start of each semester. So, in conclusion-- it is NOT weird at all to have your PROFESSOR'S phone number.

That...was my first question as well.

knoxxx 22

Well you must already be a little extra friendly with him if you have his cell phone number.

Allennis44 16

I smell tomfoolery

caohm 18

if only life had an undo option.

ctrl+z is the best

If there was an undo button most of our parents would've used it

I'm sorry but I laughed to hard at this post because your profile pic just suits it perfectly lol

well.... were his/her boobies at least good?

evan_7899 28

Men don't get mammograms

Could be a girl.

IworkAt711 14

Men get breast cancer too you know.....

the professor wasn't getting a mammogram.

evan_7899 28

#16 so they get cat scans, only women get mammograms so please don't parade around with made up facts

Huh. Someone should tell the American Cancer Society to take "mammography" out of the list of tests used to evaluate breast disease in men, because Evan here says that's not how it's done.

Nyarlothatep 12

You didn't get the memo? They just updated it..

well #11, they asked the professor how their boobies were. You don't have to get a mammogram to know if your boobs or moobs are good or not -.-

FezzesAreCool 18

I'm actually laughing right now omfg

So you get your professors number (already strange) yet you don't save it under a name different to that of your best friend?? I assume they have similar names, otherwise how the **** did this happen?

Hiimhaileypotter 52

A lot of professors give their students their numbers just in case they need help or need to get in touch with them. It's not high school, it's college. It's really not that strange.

No biggie. Press Ctrl+z and the send it to the right girl.

unknown_user5566 26

That's definitely not how text messaging works.

Really. I had no idea. Thanks for elaborating this new 'concept' you call 'texting'

graceinsheepwear 33

I have never seen a ctrl key on a phone, at least not on an android phone.

Oh, lol. You people play the "I'll pretend I didn't get the joke" part very well.

graceinsheepwear 33

Yeah okay, got me. Ctrl z my comment.