By potatoes - 17/01/2012 03:16 - United States

Today, my dad got me to dance with him. After about a minute of waltzing to a song on the radio, he stepped away and said, "You smell bad. You need to take a shower." FML
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Just be like "it's your breath, stop talking and maybe it will stop smelling so bad around here..ooohhh burn!!" Eh I got nothing...

Hey he is being honest


Hey he is being honest

You can always count on parents to be blunt.

A minute? That means he was tolerating the smell for that long. He's so polite

If OP's name is any indicator, I'd suggest eating less potatoes. Or perhaps shower after harvesting in the farm!

BarDownDaily 12

Better him telling you then someone else!

if you are a man he should know what a man smells like. if you are woman, time to bring the pain

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You heard the man, take a shower. Not that hard :P

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58, why would a father dance with his son? Unless it was perhaps a 2 father family.

"I'd rather smell bad than like dad..." [:Problem?:]

How did this get past moderation??

Just be like "it's your breath, stop talking and maybe it will stop smelling so bad around here..ooohhh burn!!" Eh I got nothing...

Neither do 'eye' ='( *OP's name* If you eat them, you'll understand.

Eye-See what you did there DrMime Respect.

Aw, I don't get it, & google won't tell me ):

Oh wait, nevermind.. Typed too soon -.-

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It's called deodorant op. works wonders.

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Your picture works pretty well with your comment and the FML.

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Deodorant doesn’t always work...

Ouch :/ sucks to hear that frm someone so close too u

True. However it's much better to find out from a family member when you're home than to go out in public with all that stank!

BeaterOfTheDrums 15

Even worse is being told you have morning breath.

Rather it a stranger?

Sucks to hear it from anyone..

RockstarRN 10

Better to hear it from him than a stranger!

Yup honesty is the best policy

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I agree with honesty, it's always nice to know what someone really thinks, as long as they are sensitive about it and not doing it with malicious intent. I'd rather know I smell bad so I can fix it than not knowing and make everybody have to smell me, then possibly talk about me behind my back...

Not quite as awesome as Terry Crews telling you that you need some Old Spice.

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Go shower then, can't be hanging out smelling like road kill

Here's a solution - take his advice.

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Soap works wonders.

So does Tu Yung, my female masseuse!

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Does she give you happy ending?

Nah, she's Tu Yung for that...

BeaterOfTheDrums 15

Gotta admit, DrMime, that made me giggle.