By Sad_Happy_Gorl - 14/06/2019 16:00

Today, after getting together with the guy who I like, and who actually likes me back, he finally kissed me. Unfortunately, he kisses like he’s trying to suck out my soul. FML
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So then teach him to do it properly... practice makes perfect.

So teach him to be better. Duh.


That's passion. I thought you wanted more passion in your life?

So then teach him to do it properly... practice makes perfect.

Tell him he sucks (literally) at this, teach him how to do it right, and offer to give him plenty of practice.

Don’t give up on him! Sometimes it takes a little while to get into the right groove with someone new. I hope it gets better soon!

So teach him to be better. Duh.

Teach him how girl. Don’t let one kiss kill the mood. Tell him. He will thank you.

Sady_Ct 37

I have found that I have had to teach pretty much every guy I have dated how to kiss properly, otherwise I feel as tho they are trying to either eat my face or suck out my soul like poor OP here. Don’t give up, different people like to kiss differently, keep at it and you will find your rhythm and it will get better. Wait till you start having sex, that will also take some time to catch each other’s rhythm. When I started dating my now husband, he was a terrible kisser, but I loved him enough to get past that, and fell deeper in love, then when we finally had sex I though ‘wow this is shit I hope it gets better’. A month later it was still the worst sex ever and rather than ditching the guy because the sex was so bad it was making me depressed, I sat him down and we talked and damn was it worth it! Now he’s a great kisser, amazing in bed, our communication rocks and we are super close and very much in love.

That's why communication is so important in any relationship.

I wonder if the guy thinks OP is a bad kisser too, but doesn't say anything because he doesn't want to hurt her and ruin the relationship.

So you’re dating a Dementor?

This gave me horrible flashbacks to my first boyfriend, who for whatever reason thought it'd be sexy to suck on my tongue.... I still shudder and get nauseous thinking of all the cold saliva involved in that move, and it's been 14 years. Anyway, tell him less is more if you can still move past it, and be firm about it. No one's perfect in the beginning and he's not a mind reader, pretty sure he'd like to make this mutually enjoyable.