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By  BMXDude22  |  12

Weird how you associate "White supremacist" with "Trump voter". Says more about you that you would make that weird-ass assumption my dude. What a self-own lmao.

By  Brightside86  |  23

How bad are we talking, worried that minorities will compete against him for his job or passing out pamphlets for the next klan rally?

I think people should be able to openly and comfortably discuss race/culture related issues without being villainized. If people are too afraid to even discuss the topic than we deprive them and ourselves the opportunity to understand one another and grow as individuals.


What kind of white supremacist stops at "I think I should get the job because I'm white, and that makes me better."? $50 says that dude thinks Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X deserved to be assassinated, Hitler (not the Namibian one) was a good person, and the Holocaust was a lie.

  Nhayaa  |  21

Everytime I remind myself that some people, somewhere, still think/learn that thr holocaust didn't happen I'm amazed. I mean... how is this even possible?

By  rudico67  |  4

Sounds like you dodged a bullet, for sure!

By  Jim McDonald  |  2

Ahhh the old 'white supremacist'. Criticism leveled at any white male who believes in traditional values, has a job, takes care of himself and believes in doing responsible things like starting a family, buying a house and going to church.