Happy Easter!

By Dummy - 01/04/2018 15:00

Today, I was stuck in the bathroom with no toilet paper in a family member’s house. I looked around and found baby wipes. I was saved! Unfortunately, they were actually Clorox wipes. The bleach gave me a chemical burn in my ass. FML
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Was there no label?

You should leave the anal bleaching to the professionals at the spa!


Was there no label?

I'm not sure what to say besides hoping that wiping your ass made your family members not notice anything.FYL

Seriously? You didn't try a tissue?

Most people I’ve known don’t have any tissues in the bathroom.

I have tissues in my bathroom, and paper towels.

Guess you had a HOT night. Alright, I'm on my way outside... No need to show me the way, I can find the door in my own...

thehaystackerine 20

It's called "reading." Top to bottom, left to right, group words together as a sentence. Take Tylenol for headaches... Midol for cramps.

You should leave the anal bleaching to the professionals at the spa!

So, you assumed they were baby wipes? We all know what happens when you ASSUME: You make your ASS a molten fireball of stupidity.

I bet your ass has never been sparkling clean ever before.

Well, you've got the ring of fire now

You deserve it. There are labels on the packs which indicate they are not baby wipes, but you failed to read it.