By Chris - 01/01/2011 05:06 - United States

Today, I was in the elevator with my female coworker and a very attractive teen in front of us. My coworker reached out and grabbed the boobs of the teen in front of us, and blamed it on me. I got yelled at, kneed in the crotch, and punched in the face. My coworker couldn't stop laughing. FML
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knee her in the vagina and falcon punch her face then

FYLDeep 25

You're gonna have to Chris Brown that bitch.


EVIL WOMAN! hahhahaha lol

fakeaccountX 6

Sounds like both of them need to be thrown down the elevator shaft.

that's sexual harrassment, and she can sue you, and make a citzens arrest.

Salaminizer 0

Citizen's arrest is a myth. Besides, what kind of self-respecting criminal (or otherwise) would actually adhere to it? "STOP RIGHT THERE, CRIMINAL SCUM!" "Oh darn, ya got me." *lays facedown on the floor* Just like that.

but u Gota respect my authority as a citizen

grab her tits and say it was a retarded kid

Damn I think that lesbian wanted some action

OP did not touch her and thus cannot be sued

Unfortunately, 48, that's exactly what I would do if some random dude grabbed my boobs. Or if it seemed like he had. A week ago some random guy started whacking me with a balloon sword, and I chased him down the Hollywood Boulevard, cursing. It's a heat-of-the-moment kind of thing. I do agree that the coworker is a bitch, although she's freaking awesome for that.

Lichinamo 33

125, heat of the moment doesn't exist for everyone. The same person grabbed my boobs twice in a five-minute period and held on and all I did was shout at him to stop because I was too terrified to do anything.

how did the alleged boob grabbing take place? I've only ever seen boobs on the front of a person... how didn't the teen see your co-worker... I call bluff

knee her in the vagina and falcon punch her face then

asians. everythings gotta have somthin to do with cartoon

Falcon cuntpunch!

Stupid Asian. Stfu

Then teabag her repeatedly while yelling Halo-esque obscenities.

Falcunt punch!

Nikki_ASW 0

Time to get a new job...

FMLephant 2

A black eye and bruised balls. Perfect end to 2010.

mmmkayyy 6

It's 2011 Oh wait, FUCK I'M A STUPID SHIT... -_-

It was on the first of janurary calm down.

FYLDeep 25

You're gonna have to Chris Brown that bitch.

Haha cause his names Chris ? x{

BlahLand 0

lol me too 7 and wtf lmaoooooooooo if u dont get it then u should watch tmz more ahah

X_o_X_ocutie 0

lol it was rude but lol

theten_fml 9

grab her boob.

He should be grabbing her boobs anyway, what're you, gay OP?

missawesome16 0

she's a teen he would get arrested 4sexual harassment Wat hat should have been doing was touching his co-workers boobs btw ops a fucking perv I mean he's fucking hitting on a teen

dog_in_yard 0

#80: I believe you're mistaken. OP had nothing to do with it. It was the co-worker who grabbed the teenager's boobs. Re-read the FML carefully.

xFalzz 0

Your coworker has issues.

Ikr grabbing a stranger's boobs is totally professional...

What a weirdo.

I'm a hopeless shithead.