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By  amileah13  |  26

Did he tell you that he had a brain disease just so you could take care of him? How did you find out that he was faking it? That's really sad op I'm sorry that's happened to you

By  lex1459  |  38

Honestly OP at least now you know and his addiction can be properly treated and/or dealt with. It's a terrible situation and I'm so sorry for you, but your dad is lucky to have somebody like you to take care of him were he actually ill.

  teentee401  |  36

I agree, but who wants to look their dad and the eye and accuse them of lying about brain disease? They might not have had a reason to not trust their dad (at least till now).

  nix1993  |  41

I've worked at a rehab facility for the past couple of years and it's actually not particularly uncommon for alcoholics to not smell like alcohol at all. Spirits like Vodka and Gin are very easy to conceal, and I've known creative alcoholics who would give themselves 'alcohol enemas' because its absorbed much faster and theres no smell. It's supremely harsh to call someone who was caring for their own father in good faith 'a special kind of stupid' when they probably had no reason not to believe him.

  nix1993  |  41

Alcohol can be fatal, period. The man you're talking about consumed around 3 litres of alcohol in a matter of minutes. Anyone would likely die if that much alcohol was absorbed into their blood so quickly, no matter how it was absorbed. The problem with enemas is that they can be deceptive, more alcohol enters your blood stream because it bypasses stomach enzymes that would otherwise break down some of the ethanol.